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Everything You Need To Know For The Best Vacation In Barbados

Barbados is an incredible island to live, work and play. And if you are looking for a calm, peaceful, kind, warm and friendly island, look no further Barbados is the Caribbean Island for you.

Vacation in Barbados

Barbados is fondly known as the ‘Switzerland of the Caribbean’ and not without reason. They have a very high literacy rate (96%), free education and medical services for all, a stable government, a working democracy, excellent leadership and intelligent investments, and a clean, efficient and transparent infrastructure, all of which make Barbados an exceptional Caribbean Island.

So, if you are a digital nomad who can work from any location in the world; if you just want a safe place to grow your family and bring up your kids; if you are a Caribbean national returning home from the cold; or if you have some dough (cash) and would just like a second or third or fourth location to just ‘be’, then Barbados is the Caribbean island for you. Barbados is an ideal location to live, work, play AND do business. Almost all international organisations and NGOs are found in Barbados.

You can choose to live in the lap of luxury like Rihanna or ‘live like a local’ in Barbados.

I spent two wonderful years in Barbados and have many fond memories of this little but complete island. 

Visit or choose to live in Barbados. Discover the entire island from the Luxury west coast to the wild east Coast. Learn the history of sugar, slavery and rum. Visit a Rum Museum and sample its fine rums, and do not miss the local ‘fish fry’ street event every Friday at Oistins.

Crop Over, a Bajan Carnival in August, is a must, as is the Holetown Village Fest in February, which celebrates the anniversary of the first English settlement in Barbados. Visit the historic downtown Bridgetown and Lime Grove on the West coast to ‘shop until you drop’, or dine at some of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean. There is so much more – from exquisite beaches, watersports, diving, festivals, sports and events to heritage, wildlife, great food and fabulous friends. Discover Barbados in colour.

Here are my top picks for your best vacation in Barbados.

Here are our Top Picks for Hotels in Barbados

Sugar Bay Hotel – Barbados

Stay at Sugar Bay Hotel in Barbados which offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea as well as wonderful services and experiences.


The Crane Resort – Barbados

The Crane Resort, Barbados illustrates luxury with its expansive garden, amazing cliffside view of the Caribbean Sea, and comfortable accommodations.


Here are Our Top Picks for Vacation Villas in Barbados

Nirvana Villa – Barbados

Relax and unwind at a contemporary beachfront villa on the beautiful island of Barbados. An ideal holiday getaway for you, your family and your friends.


Ateleir House – Barbados

Enjoy Barbados for all it has to offer by booking this modern and luxurious vacation villa overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.


Villa Cocomaya – Barbados

Cocomaya, situated in the magnificent Apes Hill Club in Barbados, offers a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea and a world-class golf course.


Here are Our Top Picks for Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in Barbados

ECO Lifestyle & Lodge – Barbados

Discover a boutique hotel, the Eco Lifestyle & Lodge, found on Barbados’ beautiful East Coast, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the popular Eco restaurant.


Here are Our Top Picks for Adults-Only Stays in Barbados

Sandals Barbados – Couples Only

Encounter this stunning adults only/couples only resort in Barbados. Enjoy Sandals luxury Skypool Suites, Swim Up Suites and Millionaire Suites.


Getting to Barbados

On the south coast of Barbados in Christ Church is the country’s only airport, the Grantly Adams International Airport. Virgin Atlantic Airways and British Airways have daily flights from London’s Gatwick Airport to Barbados. American Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue have dozens of connections passing through San Juan, plus daily nonstop flights to Barbados from Miami.  All flights of Air Canada are nonstop from Toronto to Barbados. Caribbean Airlines, Cayman Airways and LIAT all have flights to Barbados. 


Kevon Wilson

kevon wilson

Kevon Wilson, is a premier researcher and strategist. He has more than 16 years’ experience in research and digital marketing.

He is co-author of many of Leve Global’s research publications such as Big Data – Delivering the Big Picture to Drive CompetitivenessEverything You Need to Know About Internet Marketing,  and The Top Ten Emerging Markets.


4 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know For The Best Vacation In Barbados”

  1. Just came back from 3 week vacation in Barbados. Safe, clean, beautiful, full of entertainment, lovely gardens, great food, lovely sunshine yet wasn’t scorching hot.

    Places to go…Niche, Champers both restaurants. Bougainvillea Resort for a massage, Down town Bridgetown for great duty free shopping, Soul Foods for great take away local meals. Drivecup the south coast for beautiful scenery and beaches. Stop at the roadside eating places for your souse, fishpies and finger foods.

  2. Wow Donna! This is exactly my experience. I spent a wonderful 6 weeks in Barbados during the time of covid. And I can confirm that Barbados is an amazing island. I continue to be amazed at how obedient Bajans are, as they religiously followed corona protocols. Barbados reminds me of Switzerland and Singapore. When the Prime Minister says jump, they ask ‘how high’. And both the government and the private sector are ‘pivoting’ well. Traditional tour operators were offering corona tests and the Government now has a year-long visa for digital nomads.

  3. It would be great if even half of the other Caribbean countries would follow suit. Leadership with integrity and respect from the people in the country is key. Sadly, many other of our islands are led by people who focus on self-aggrandization and perpetuating the dividing of the spoils of being in charge of the taxpayer’s funds among friends , family and those powerful interests that supported their attaining power. Governing for the benefit of the masses of the people is not on the agenda and like crabs in a barrel, corruption, cronyism, and crime continue to pull us deeper into debt and crises!!

    1. You are correct Robert. The success of a country is very much dependent on the quality of its leadership. I will go a step further to note that the success of a country is intimately intertwined with the liberation and equality of its women – the more liberated, and the more equal women are, the better the performance of a country. Consider that the tiny island state of the Commonwealth of Dominica already had a female head of state, the powerful Eugenia Charles (1980-1995), and it was only in 1977 that women in the Western part of Germany, for example, were entitled to gainful employment without the authorisation of their husbands. Imagine that! And equal pay and equal opportunity for women are still today a hotly debated topic in all western countries. Caribbean islands have definitely come a long way – from Slavery, to independence, to women’s liberation.

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