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Experience Barbados in Colour

Listen to a Local Perspective

What Does Barbados Mean to Me?


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Barbados is colour, and I’m not talking about the varied hues of our skin. Barbados is a very colourful place. The flora and fauna that create its beautiful landscapes and ecosystems make the country – quite literally – colourful. However, Barbados is also very colourful figuratively. Our festivals, our food, our music all provide a colourful experience. Having travelled and lived in other countries I can say that Barbados possesses an ‘infectious vibe’ like no other, with that truly authentic blend of experiences.


Above all else, Barbados is a warm (literally and figuratively), safe and inviting place where you instantly feel at home. You feel a sense of belonging, regardless of your place of origin, and a lot of that has to do with the Barbadian people who readily welcome everyone who is as happy to be in Barbados as they are.


It is a place where excitement and tranquillity peacefully co-exist to create a myriad of experiences for everyone who reaches its shores.

Barbados is Special for Many Reasons

The Bajan people are the heart and soul of Barbados and makes this country unique and special. They are resilient, innovative, warm, gracious, helpful, and fiercely patriotic. They also have the ability to make any visitor feel at home in the space of an hour.

Its legacy of punching above its weight in all aspects, especially on the global stage. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention our stellar crisis management, which has been demonstrated most recently by the efficacy with which we have handled the spread of COVID-19. The processes implemented to manage the pandemic in Barbados have been applauded both regionally and internationally.


A diverse tourism product – there is something in Barbados for everyone, something that will satisfy the interest of every single visitor. Although our crystal waters and pristine beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, we are definitely more than just a sun, sand and sea destination.

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10 Things I Recommend to Do and See in Barbados

  1. A historic tour of Bridgetown and its Garrison which is Barbados’ UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Harrison’s Cave – a natural wonder that should be experienced at least once.
  3. Our very unique rum shops, full of character, libation activity and local foods and a sampling of our world-renowned rum and excellently blended rum punches.
  4. A culinary tour and various epicurean experiences from our range of world-famous restaurants and independent food establishments that cater to all tastes.  
  5. A hike along the east coast of Barbados
  6. Scenic catamaran cruising along the west coast and diving with the turtles
  7. A tour of Sunbury Great House, Tyrol Cot, St. Nicholas Abbey and our several other historic buildings
  8. Its several breath-taking gardens such as Hunte’s Gardens and Andromeda Gardens
  9. Our vibrant nightlife, such as a Friday night experience at the popular Oistins Fish Fry. You come for the fish and stay for the entertainment. Cap off the evening in Holetown’s Second Street or West Bar.
  10. It goes without saying – a day of relaxation on any of our many beautiful beaches

What You Should Do Before You Get Here

There are three things I recommend you do before coming to Barbados.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the health protocols of Barbados in terms of entry and quarantine in this new COVID-19 environment. While Barbados has streamlined its arrival process for visitors, there are still requirements to which all visitors must adhere.
  2. Look into the country’s Welcome Stamp which allows you to work remotely in Barbados for a year – you just might be interested in spending a year working in paradise.
  3. Ensure that you keep some open spaces in your itinerary. On your arrival you will soon find that there are some activities and attractions off the beaten path that are not as well-known but are no less fascinating.

Come with An Open Mind


Come with an open mind and an open-ended ticket. Although you might be visiting Barbados for a particular purpose, you will soon find a plethora of wonders which pique your interest. As you embrace the natural call of our beautiful island to explore and experience it in its entirety, you will, undoubtedly, want to extend your trip.

Here are our top picks for places to stay in Barbados:

Villa Cocomaya – Barbados

Cocomaya, situated in the magnificent Apes Hill Club in Barbados, offers a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea and a world-class golf course.


Sugar Bay Hotel – Barbados

Stay at Sugar Bay Hotel in Barbados which offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea as well as wonderful services and experiences.


Sandals Barbados – Couples Only

Encounter this stunning adults only/couples only resort in Barbados. Enjoy Sandals luxury Skypool Suites, Swim Up Suites and Millionaire Suites.


Ateleir House – Barbados

Enjoy Barbados for all it has to offer by booking this modern and luxurious vacation villa overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.


The Crane Resort – Barbados

The Crane Resort, Barbados illustrates luxury with its expansive garden, amazing cliffside view of the Caribbean Sea, and comfortable accommodations.


Nirvana Villa – Barbados

Relax and unwind at a contemporary beachfront villa on the beautiful island of Barbados. An ideal holiday getaway for you, your family and your friends.



William Griffith

William Griffith is Managing Director of WCG Consulting Ltd., a tourism marketing and development consulting company he established in 2014. Most notably throughout his long and distinguished career, Mr. Griffith was Director of Tourism for Bermuda from 2008 until 2014, and CEO of Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc. (BTMI) from 2014 to 2019.

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