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5 Tips on How to Enjoy the East Coast of Barbados

The East Coast of Barbados consists of vast, lush, green, untouched hills, gullies, and contrasting and complimenting, rough and roaring Atlantic Ocean and white-caped waves tumbling in and pounding the shore. The East Coast has rugged coastal rock formations sculpted by the Ocean waves over many years, and so much more.


Here are 5 tips on how to enjoy the East Coast of Barbados.


east coast of barbados

1. It’s important to choose the right accommodation and there are a variety of sustainable accommodation options available to you.

a. Atlantis Historic Inn – a cosy historic inn and island famous restaurant

b. Round House Barbados – a boutique hotel and oceanfront restaurant

c. Eco Lifestyle and Lodge – an intimate boutique hotel with an eco-restaurant with innovative farm and sea to table meals.

d. Cornwall Cottage Barbados – a private 3 bedroom cottage with a pool nestled in a gated yard surrounded by large grounds and lush vegetation with elevated breathtaking views of Cattlewash and Bathsheba.

e. Many beach houses dotted along the coastline

f. Santosha Barbados – 10 self-catering apartments on the coast road

g. Naniki Barbados – 10 cosy self-contained cottages perched high in the St. Joseph Hills.

2. Locally sourced farm and sea-to-table food options for the foodie at heart

a. ECO Sky Water – the most sustainable drinking water in Barbados, harvested and bottled using solar energy. 100% plant-based bottles which are compostable.


b. Eco Lifestyle Restaurant


c. Round House (Including their roast breadfruit on the beach)


d. Animal Flower Cave Restaurant

east coast of barbados

e. Farmhouse Café at Peg Farm – this includes scenic eco walking tours of the biodynamic farm in the St. Joseph countryside.


f. Atlantis Restaurant – authentic Bajan and Caribbean cuisine using fresh local ingredients


g. Sand Dunes – delicious Bajan cuisine.


h. Chill n Breeze – located on the Cattlewash beach and serving great Bajan food.


i. Uncle Joe’s Seaside Bar and Grill – located in Bathsheba and popular with locals


j. Some smaller and well tucked away local and tourist hotspots include:

i) De Garage Bar and Grill
ii) The Bay Lounge
iii) Sea View Bar

3. Things to do to help you get to know The East and connect with our beautiful people in the community

a. Hiking – there are many private or group hiking options available to take you through the gullies, up in the hills and rugged terrain and along the coast. These include Hike Barbados, Barbados Hiking Association Group by The Barbados National Trust, their 2021 hiking schedule is available online, and finally Pineapple Hikes Barbados to name a few.

b. Mountain Biking – an avid mounting biking community exists on the island. These include Mountain Bike Barbados, MTB246, Reservation Park MTB.


c. E-biking – a fun way to enjoy the coast with a little assistance along the way

d. Bus and Safari tours – for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of the coast in a more relaxed and structured fashion.

e. Hunte’s Gardens, Coco Hill Forest, Flower Forest, Welchman Hall Gully – all offer guided or self-guided walks through the natural beauty.

f. Animal Flower Cave

g. Harrison’s Cave Barbados

h. Yoga with East Side Yoga at Round House or you can arrange a private in-villa lesson

i. Surf lessons for those wanting to learn the popular island sport.

j. Kayaking and paddle-boarding are offered at Bath Beach House.

east coast of barbados

4. Local Cultural activities

a. Art shows by various local artists.


b. Art and Craft Classes often held by Yasmin of Paint and Groove and Sade of Energetic Artz


c. International and local surfing competitions. Details can be obtained through the Barbados Surfing Association

east coast of barbados

d. The Shops at Animal Flower Cave


e. Crop Over events held by the NCF (National Cultural Foundation)

5. Volunteerism

a. Walkers Institute for Regenerative Research, Education and Design – working to protect the delicate ecosystem.


b. Barbados Sea Turtle Project – to restore local marine turtle populations.


c. Corral Barbados – Adopt a Coral and help protect one of our most delicate ecosystems, our coral reefs.

east coast of barbados

Here are our top picks for places to stay in Barbados:

Villa Cocomaya – Barbados

Cocomaya, situated in the magnificent Apes Hill Club in Barbados, offers a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea and a world-class golf course.


Sugar Bay Hotel – Barbados

Stay at Sugar Bay Hotel in Barbados which offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea as well as wonderful services and experiences.


Sandals Barbados – Couples Only

Encounter this stunning adults only/couples only resort in Barbados. Enjoy Sandals luxury Skypool Suites, Swim Up Suites and Millionaire Suites.


Ateleir House – Barbados

Enjoy Barbados for all it has to offer by booking this modern and luxurious vacation villa overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.


The Crane Resort – Barbados

The Crane Resort, Barbados illustrates luxury with its expansive garden, amazing cliffside view of the Caribbean Sea, and comfortable accommodations.


Nirvana Villa – Barbados

Relax and unwind at a contemporary beachfront villa on the beautiful island of Barbados. An ideal holiday getaway for you, your family and your friends.



Zoe Manning

Zoe Manning is an accomplished marketeer and experienced in digital strategist.


She is an avid lover of nature and an environmental activist Zoe manages Cornwall Cottage Barbados, a private villa in Cattlewash on the east coast of Barbados. 


Her passion is health and wellness, with a life-long quest for deeper enlightenment.

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