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Experience Paradise! Explore the Wild East Coast of Barbados

barbados east coast

Experience the Alluring and Varied Landscape of the East Coast of Barbados

When I think of the East Coast of Barbados, I think of vast, lush, green, untouched hills and gullies. I think of the contrasting and complimenting, rough and roaring Atlantic Ocean and white-caped waves tumbling in and pounding the shore. Barbados’ East Coast makes me think of the rugged coastal rock formations sculpted by the Ocean waves over many years.

Create Nostalgic Memories of an Exceptional Vacation

Thoughts of Barbados’ East Coast conjures up nostalgic memories of the many vacations spent there. I remember the early morning coffee watching the sun rise over the ocean while the fresh sea breeze gently brushes my skin. I remember hiking nature’s beauty and simply relaxing in the rock pools on the beach with a rum punch in hand. In my mind’s eye I can still see kids playing in the sand, dogs searching for crabs while the sun glistens on our sun-blocked bodies. I can never forget the bare-foot sunset walks on the sandy beach and wind-swept hair styled by the ocean’s salty spray. I can still feel the ocean cleansing my feet with every splash of ‘saline solution” after the exfoliation of the sand. These can be your memories too.


east coast of barbados

Experience Pure and Simple Happiness, Bajan Style.

Oh, and let’s not forget the parties! The many excuses for a party, a celebration, or no celebration. All are welcomed on the East Coast of Barbados. Just bring a bottle. Bring a dish or something to put on the barbeque grill. Enjoy blasts of music while the men gather around the barbeque pit to make sure everything is not only cooked to perfection but has been taste-tested before it hits the table. Experience pure and simple happiness, Bajan style.


Explore the Scenic and Captivating East Coast

The scenic and captivating East Coast of Barbados is made up of Cattlewash, Bathsheba, Tent Bay, Martin’s Bay, Bath, Conset Bay, Skeete’s Bay, Culpepper Island and East Point Light House, stretching the length of the parishes of St. Joseph and St. John.

Cattlewash and Bathsheba were recently reconnected for foot and bicycle traffic along the coast by the rebuilding of the Joe’s River Bridge. Traditionally, Bathsheba is a local staycation spot and surfer’s paradise. It is internationally recognized for the Bathsheba’s Soup Bowl, which has been noted by Kelly Slater, 11-time world champion, as having “the top 3 waves in the world”. The East Coast is dotted with quaint little wooden-houses and chock full of charming bars and shops. Some ‘upgrades’ have taken place within recent times being to include more sturdy concrete designs to weather the elements.

Barbados is also proud to be home to some of the top surfers in the world where Soup Bowl Bathsheba is their playground. These include Josh Burke and Chelsea Tuach.

barbados east coast surfing

Barbados’ East Coast Offers Pure Sensual Indulgence

The East, however, has more to offer. It has a magical allure, secret charm and holistic therapeutic qualities that are slowly being recognized by those who seek to go deeper.  Previously overshadowed by the West (the Gold Coast of Barbados) and the South (the Party Coast), the East Coast has come into its own. In recent times, the quest for “more” by the more discerning and sophisticated travellers has revealed the other qualities of Barbados’ East Coast. If you’re looking for a much-needed reboot, recharge, a nature escape, wellness retreat, rest, recharge and rejuvenation, then the East Coast is the place to be. 

barbados east coast pure indulgence

The Eco Coast

The East can also be considered as Barbados’ eco coast. It is recognized for its sustainable tourism offerings, natural health and wellness qualities and for those seeking the adventure of the great outdoors, with responsible tourism at their core. 

Whether you wish to just relax in your chosen accommodation or attend one of the many surfing competitions, cultural events, sports and activities and connect with your surroundings and the warm people in the community, The East Coast of Barbados has a lot to offer your mind, body and soul.

If you are thinking of choosing The East Coast of Barbados for your next vacation here are 5 Tips on how to Enjoy the East Coast of Barbados.

Here are our top picks for places to stay in Barbados:

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The Crane Resort – Barbados

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Zoe Manning

Zoe Manning is an accomplished marketeer and experienced in digital strategist.

She is an avid lover of nature and an environmental activist Zoe manages Cornwall Cottage Barbados, a private villa in Cattlewash on the east coast of Barbados. 

Her passion is health and wellness, with a life-long quest for deeper enlightenment.

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  1. The East Coast of Barbados is so breathtaking just watching the waves takes away all your worries and leaves you with a soothing feeling. I can just sit and watch the waves all day. Awesome 👌

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