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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Barbados is colour – the flora and fauna, the beautiful landscapes, the pristine beaches, the verdant hills. The festivals, food, music, culture and history all provide a colourful experience.

Barbados possesses an ‘infectious vibe’ like no other, with that truly authentic blend of experiences.

Above all, Barbados is a warm, safe and inviting place where you instantly feel at home. You feel a sense of belonging, regardless of your place of origin. It’s all linked to the Barbadian people who readily welcome everyone who is as happy to be in Barbados as they are.


Unique Attributes of the Island of Barbados

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Press Reviews

The island’s more than 80 beaches, after all, are so flawlessly pristine they look computer generated.

You don’t need a pop star’s budget to enjoy the palm trees and ‘sunny Caribbean sea’ of this popular island.

I moved from Hong Kong to Barbados during the pandemic to work from paradise…

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A Peaceful and Calm island, known as the ‘Switzerland of the Caribbean’, Barbados has all of the ‘creature comforts’ of a developed country. Most international organisations serving the Caribbean are located in Barbados.  This is an island that is a great place to work and play.  The island is diverse. You can both ‘live like a local’ and live in the lap of luxury.  Ask Rihanna

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