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An Epic Caribbean Adventure Awaits You

The Caribbean is an eco-adventurer’s dream come true. It is a “Paradise” with a stunning variety of wildlife, rainforests, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and a wide range of untouched natural beauty that is just waiting to be explored. Take your pick of experiences on land or under water. Whether you’re into hiking, sailing, swimming, scuba diving or just relaxing in nature, the Caribbean offers something for every adventurer.

Hop on a flight to the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” – Dominica. Trek the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Visit the oldest forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere in Tobago. Experience a wildlife safari in Guyana. Or visit the mud volcanoes of Trinidad.

Looking for Jungle Adventures? The Caribbean Has it All

Did you say jungle? Well, you’re in the right place. The Caribbean offers amazing jungle experiences for those adventurers who want to be surrounded by wood, wildlife and water. From Cuba to Guyana, Belize to Barbados you can enjoy different forest experiences. Go hiking, tree hugging, forest bathing, river rafting and so much more in the forests of the Caribbean. Follow in Captain Jack Sparrow’s footsteps and explore the 365 rivers and lush jungles of Dominica.

Discover Guyana’s Amazon forest where wildlife and otherworldly nature experiences await you. Or discover the Boiling Lake, the second-largest hot spring in the world, in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica. Journey to the Big Timba, the Caribbean’s longest zip line in Jamaica. Fly through forested areas, and verdant hills. Take your pick. The Caribbean isn’t short of jungle experiences.

The Caribbean Promises Incredible Underwater Adventures

The Caribbean is rich in underwater adventure including coral reefs, dive holes, ship wrecks, dangerous underwater ridges and ‘mountains’. The Caribbean is known for its colourful carnivals and festivals but but the colour and vibrancy of the Caribbean’s underwater world is second to none.

Did you know that the second largest barrier reef is in the Caribbean? Yes, in Belize to be precise. Explore Belize’s large Blue Hole or swim amongst the fishes in the Bahamas one of the most diverse reef systems in the region. Swim with nurse sharks, sea turtles, and a wide variety of vibrant fish and coral in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize. Explore Tobago’s Nylon pool.

Immerse yourself in Devil’s Reef, Jamaica which features a variety of tunnels and caves as well as thousands of coral and a variety of fish, including snappers, barracudas, and lettuce sea slugs.

If you travel to Dominica, you must see Champagne Reef. Find air bubbles, coral, and colorful fish. Go snorkeling with eels, seahorses, parrotfish, octopuses, turtles, and more. And don’t forget the resident sperm whales that never disappoint.

Explore the Magnificent Mountains of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its many mesmerizing and magnificent mountains from the iconic volcano-formed twin Pitons in Saint Lucia to the dangerous and frightful mountain volcanoes of Montserrat and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Hike up the daunting 10,000 ft. Pico Duarte mountain in the Dominican Republic. Explore the popular Blue Mountains of Jamaica. These mountains are camper’s and hiker’s paradise. The mountains of the Lesser Antilles such as Dominica’s popular Morne Diablotins are also worth visiting.

Discover the Heritage Sites of the Caribbean

Though small in terms of land mass and population, the Caribbean punches above its weight in terms of World Heritage sites. Did you know that there are 30 World Heritage sites in the tiny Caribbean? When traveling to Barbados, be sure to see the island’s sole highland region, The Scotland District of Barbados, located in St. Andrew. Learn about rock formations made of volcanic ash, clay stones, and chalk. And discover the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, the oldest protected area in the world and the oldest forest reserve in the western hemisphere. Enjoy birdwatching while embracing the habitat of diverse plants and other creatures. Check out all 30 heritage sites here.

The Caribbean is Known for its Beautiful Beaches

You cannot visit the Caribbean without exploring its beautiful beaches. Yes, the Caribbean is known for its beaches but did you know there are beaches for nearly every colour of the rainbow. Enjoy white sandy beaches in Antigua and St. Vincent. Explore the black beaches of Dominica and Trinidad. And of course, there are the pink beaches of Barbados (Crane Beach) and Pink Sand beach, Bahamas. Many of the calmer beaches are on the Caribbean sea of the islands. But those beaches kissed by the Atlantic Ocean are typically wild and rough – a surfer’s paradise.

Discover endangered sea turtles that visit shorelines each year to lay their eggs in Trinidad and Tobago and Dominica. Or choose to visit Negril Beach in Jamaica to take advantage of the renowned Seven Miles Beach. To enjoy the sun and sand, stroll along Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Another well-known beach in the world is Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach. Swim in the clear waters and explore the shallows for sea stars, crabs, and little fish

Journey Through Diverse Wetlands

A sanctuary for biodiversity is wetlands. Visit The Mason River Protected Area, the only inland wetland in Jamaica. View birds, reptiles, crabs, crocodiles, frogs, and oysters. Visit the Nariva Swamp, Trinidad’s largest wetland, or head to the Caroni Swamp to witness the scarlet ibis, the nation’s official bird. To witness under-represented wetland types like coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests, travel to the Buccoo Reef Bon Accord Lagoon Complex in Tobago.

If you want to spend a holiday devoted to nature, staying at eco-friendly places would be a memorable vacation for you.

Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Dominica

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Secret Bay – Dominica

Ten (10) stunning and peaceful villas provide a 180-degree view over the mountain peaks of Dominica and the Caribbean Sea. Explore and Enjoy.


Jungle Bay Resort Dominica

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea is Jungle Bay Resort, an ecolodge mere distance away from Boiling Lake in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and Canefield Airport.


Cocoa Cottages – Dominica

Sitting on an acre of land, Cocoa Cottage has beautiful gardens full of fresh produce, all guest accessible and all used in meal preparations.


Calibishie Cove – Dominica

Open spaced bedrooms offer exceptional views of the Caribbean sea. Guests have access to free Wi-Fi and free daily continental breakfast.


Here are Our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Guyana

Atta Rainforest Lodge Guyana

Embrace nature by staying in the Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve at Atta Rainforest Lodge Guyana, a chic and eco-friendly vacation stay.


Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Belize

Ka’ana Resort – Belize

Ka’ana Resort is an award-winning boutique resort located in the Mayan jungle of Belize offering upscale accommodations, all-inclusive packages, and tours.


Blancaneaux Lodge – Belize

Situated next to a sparkling river with little waterfalls is a hidden eco-lodge on the island of Belize, perfect for those who want to bask in the tropics.


Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Jamaica

Half Moon Hotel – Jamaica

Restaurants, swim-up bar, pools, a spa, a playground, golf, a gym, tennis courts, water sports and horseback riding. Book Half Moon Hotel Jamaica now!


Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Grenada

Coyaba Beach Resort – Grenada

Located on the world famous Grand Anse Beach, Coyaba Beach Resort is one of the most amazing vacation spots on the beautiful Caribbean island, Grenada


Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in St. Lucia

Spice Bay Suites – St. Lucia

Enjoy views of the private bay while swimming in the outdoor pool atop the sundeck, or visit famous attractions: the Mamiku Gardens and Descartiers Rainforest.


Ladera Resort – St. Lucia

With 37 suites, each suite provides magical views of the island. Experience pure nature, luxury and an eco-adventure at Ladera Resort.


Bayleaf – St. Lucia

A small but luxurious cottage, ideal for nature lovers as it’s immersed by nature. Bayleaf is the definition of camping glamorously or ‘glamping.’


Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Dominican Republic

Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Trinidad

Acajou Hotel – Trinidad

Stay at one of six cottages within walking distance of Grande Reviere Beach, the world’s second-largest leatherback turtle nesting site in Trinidad.


Bridge Cabin – Trinidad

Located in the picturesque Paramin town of Hopeland Estate’s gated community and forested hills, on the tropical island of Trinidad is the Bridge Cabin.


Here are our Top Picks for Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in Tobago

Castara Retreats, Tobago

Eco-tourists this is the place for you! Castara, situated in a fishing village is encircled by Tobago’s rainforest and has a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea.



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