Fond Doux Eco Resort

Fond Doux, Saint Lucia, West Indies.

Steeped in Nature and History

Step into a world of romance, tranquillity, and eco-elegance at Fond Doux Eco Resort, located in the heart of Saint Lucia’s south coast. This 19th-century colonial resort, situated within a lush 250-year-old plantation, offers an unforgettable experience in its intimate and private “eco-elegant” cottages. Prepare to be captivated by the harmonious blend of history, culture, nature, and indulgence.

As you arrive at Fond Doux Eco Resort, you’ll be greeted by a mesmerizing sight. Imagine strolling through 135 acres of picturesque rainforest landscapes, cocoa fields, and tropical gardens, all within the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site of Soufriere Saint Lucia, home of the famous Pitons. Here, you’ll find respite from the crowds and connect with the authentic history, culture, and character of the beautiful Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia.

Fond Doux Eco Resort is committed to sustainability and preserving the natural wonders of the surrounding area. The owners, Eroline and Lyton Lamontagne, have dedicated themselves to protecting the history, heritage and natural wonders of Saint Lucia for future generations to enjoy. As a certified organic estate and member of Green Globe, Fond Doux is at the forefront of sustainable living.

Discover a piece of Saint Lucia’s history as you relax in these serene havens. As you explore the resort, you’ll discover Fond Doux Eco Resort’s commitment to preserving history and the island’s architectural heritage. They’ve carefully restored abandoned colonial buildings, honouring the traditions of Saint Lucia. The locally made furniture supports the local industry, adding an authentic touch to your experience.

Unique Features

Unique Features

Eat Fresh and Natural

Indulge your senses with farm-to-table cuisine. Delight in the “plantation to plate” experience at Bamboo Restaurant, where the chef expertly crafts delectable Creole dishes using freshly picked fruits, vegetables, and spices from the organic plantation.

Embark on a culinary journey that highlights the locally grown treasures of coconut, cherries, golden apple, tamarind, plum, avocado, soursop, star fruit, mangoes, cocoa, coffee, oranges, grapefruit, breadfruit, guava, plantain, banana and much more. Every bite tells a story of sustainability and flavours that come alive in your mouth.

Unforgettable Adventures Await

Escape the ordinary and embark on unforgettable adventures right at your doorstep. Fond Doux Eco Resort is ideally located, just minutes away from Saint Lucia’s main attractions. Experience the awe-inspiring Pitons, marvel at the Sulphur Springs – the “Caribbean’s only drive-in volcano,” and dive into the best sites for underwater exploration. Your journey through this UNESCO World Heritage Site will be nothing short of extraordinary.

It’s time to embark on a journey that not only enriches your soul but also supports sustainable tourism. Fond Doux Eco Resort is proud to be 100% Saint Lucian-owned, managed, and staffed, embodying the genuine spirit of Saint Lucia. By choosing Fond Doux Eco Resort, you are not only embarking on a remarkable vacation but also making a positive impact on the environment.

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Your Caribbean Escape Starts Now

So what are you waiting for? The time is now. Escape the ordinary and embark on a soul-stirring adventure. Experience the allure of Fond Doux Eco Resort, where the past meets the present, and nature embraces you at every turn. Indulge in the extraordinary. Book your stay and unlock the door to a world of eco-luxury and unparalleled beauty.

Press Reviews

Of the number of plantation estates you can stay on in St Lucia, this is the most scenic. Coated in cocoa, nutmeg and breadfruit trees, thick swathes of palms, bananas and bamboo, and sprinkled with exotic flowers, the hilly, 135-acre, 250-year-old, bird-rich property is overpoweringly beautiful.

This secluded retreat offers guests a taste of simple, traditional island living.

For those who favor peaceful rusticity and historic charm over hermetically sealed, gadget-centric modernity—and really, on an island so lushly alive, why wouldn’t you?—a stay in a Creole cottage at this restored Green Globe–certified eco-resort should cure whatever ails you.

Guest Reviews

I had a wonderful experience at the Fond Doux Eco Resort. The place is absolutely beautiful, and the staff was amazing. They went over and beyond to help make our stay enjoyable. I highly recommend this hotel for anyone visiting St. Lucia. – Google Reviews.

A superb blend of nature undisturbed with all the comforts of a first class modern hotel. Fond Doux is surely in a class by itself when it comes to service. A truly great and professional staff. And their cuisine will surely delight all tastes. – Tripadvisor.


Fond Doux Eco Resort has once again secured its position as the Caribbean’s Leading Green Resort, triumphing in both 2022 and the recent 2023 World Travel Awards. This back-to-back victory underscores the resort’s exceptional dedication to combining luxury with sustainability, making it a true pioneer in eco-friendly hospitality. Set amidst Saint Lucia’s breathtaking landscapes, Fond Doux continues to be a beacon of responsible tourism and a symbol of the harmonious union between luxury and the environment.

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Fond Doux Eco Resort is an absolute dream come true. Situated in the heart of Saint Lucia, this enchanting 19th-century colonial haven surpasses all expectations. The eco-elegant cottages offer a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comforts. From farm-to-table cuisine to immersive activities, every aspect reflect their commitment to sustainability.

Fond Doux Eco Resort is a true gem, preserving history, culture, and the natural wonders of Saint Lucia. It’s a true escape to paradise. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this captivating eco-elegant retreat for yourself.

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