Escape to Tobago For an Authentic Caribbean Vacation

For a Real Caribbean Escape, Choose Tobago

Goat Island and Little Tobago

Tobago is a Caribbean destination that only the well-travelled vacationer might know. It’s a secret escape located in the very south of the Caribbean archipelago of islands.

If you’re looking for a Caribbean getaway that’s unique and different from where you, your family, friends and neighbours have been, then Tobago is the destination for you.

Here are 8 little-known titbits that make Tobago an exceptional Caribbean destination.

Tobago is Rich in Culture

Escape to Tobago’s rich and vibrant heritage. Live the legend of Tobago’s authentic culture – dance, folk music, art, fashion, mouth-watering cuisine and so much more.

Tantalize your tastebuds with Tobago’s delectable local dishes such as crab and callaloo, curry crab and dumplings and dirt-oven bread. Make the right moves to the soulful beats of the steelpan. Live like a local and connect with Tobagonians to discover the true meaning of what it’s like to live, work and play in Tobago.

Live Like a Local on Your Next Tobago Vacation

If you want to live like a local, experience culture as never-seen before.  To experience the Caribbean like never before.  In Tobago, the local culture is alive and thriving. There something to do in Tobago for everyone. Experience Village Harvest (there’s one taking place each weekend in one village or another). Literally live like a local for a day.

If you’re in Tobago for the Easter break, check out the Buccoo Goat Race Festival. Enjoy the Heritage Festival in July and August.

Check out the night life and experience how Tobagonians party. Get hot in the Shade night club. Or wine on a local in Bar Code. But whatever you do, do it like a Tobagonian.

Tobagonians are a Proud, Authentically Caribbean People

No Caribbean vacation could be complete without an authentic connection with the locals. Tobagonians are a proud people. They are landed – most Tobagonians own their land. There are no slums or squalor in Tobago.

Tobagonians are warm, friendly and well-educated people. Tobago possesses a population that is intelligent, internationally exposed and rich in culture. And if you want to get a true flavour of what real Caribbean life is like then Tobagonians will give you just that.

Explore village life in places like Castara, Charlotteville and Parlatuvier. In these villages you can get a glimpse into the lives of real people of the Caribbean.

Growing Environmental Consciousness

Tobagonians are also growing in environmental consciousness. A number of local initiatives and NGOs are already leading global ‘best practice’ in ecotourism and sustainable development practices. Tobago is already pursuing Blue Flag status for 3 of its beaches – King’s Bay, Bloody Bay and Mt. Irvine Bay.

Go Wild in Tobago – Naturally

Take a nature-filled trek into the oldest Forest Reserve in the Western Hemisphere. Experience a variety of birds. There are more than 200 species of exotic birds in Tobago – a number of hummingbird species like the white-tailed sadbrewing; the Mot Mot, a.k.a. king of the woods; the frigate bird; the chachalaca; and the orange-winged Amazon parrot.

Enjoy the variety of wildlife. Tobago is home to the agouti, manicou and the hard-shelled tattoo, wild animals can be seen throughout the island.

Tobago’s coastal waters are also a haven for the nesting of the giant leather back turtle, the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle. You can also find the southern sting-ray, the mantis shrimp and the spotted dolphin – all in Tobago’s waters.

Enjoy and experience Tobago’s verdant rolling hills, plunging valleys, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, colourful reefs, and unique dive sites.

Run with Goats

If you’re fortunate to be in Tobago during the Easter break, then you’re in for a treat. Experience the annual Buccoo Goat Race Festival. Tobago is one of the only places on the planet that races goats. And it’s the only animal race where the jockey has to be as fast and as fit as the contender. In this event, Jockeys and their goats, race on a 100-yard (300 feet) grass field. Jockeys and their goats may train for months before participating in this event. Goats have their own stables, owners, trainers, jockeys and steeds. These goats are even given names like Rum Punch, Diplomatic Cat, and Red Lace. Spectators get a chance to bet on their favourites. Jockeys, dressed in white shorts and coloured t-shirts, run barefoot alongside their goats, holding on to their steeds, while coaxing to the finish line.

Taste Tobago

Taste Tobago’s famous local dish, crab and dumplings. Try some ground provisions and stewed chicken too. Sample the dirt oven-baked pumpkin bread. Hang out with the locals on the beach at Castara on Bonfire night. Share stories, smoke a spliff and ‘eat ah food’. Windsurf or Parasail in Pigeon Point. Hop on the glass-bottom boats at Store Bay. Run with the goats and crabs for the annual goat and crab racing Easter events. And if you’re looking for somewhere exceptional to stay, then look no further, Villa Being, on an 11-acre estate in Tobago, offering 180-degree views of the Caribbean Sea, is the place for you.

Discover the Fountain of Youth

Tobago’s Nylon Pool, named by Queen Elizabeth herself, is famed for its mythological youthful qualities. It is claimed that if you swim in the meter-high, crystal-clear waters of the Nylon Pool, a natural ‘pool’ formation in the middle of the Caribbean Sea off of Tobago, you are guaranteed to add a few years to your life expectancy.

Hop on board one of the glass bottom boats. Bring a friend. Take along a rum punch. And just enjoy this natural wonder – Tobago’s Nylon Pool.

Here are 20+ additional things that we dare you to discover and do when you go to Tobago:

Here are our Top Picks for Accommodation in Tobago

villa being caribbean vacation

Villa Being – Tobago

Heaven Can Wait! Enjoy bespoke rock star treatment, utter privacy, and total comfort at Tobago’s most luxurious getaway, Villa Being. Book your stay today!


Blue Waters Inn – Tobago

Overlooking Batteaux Bay and set on a tranquil beach, this understated hotel is 2.2 km from the town of Speyside, Tobago.


Mount Irvine Escape to Tobago

Mount Irvine Bay Resort – Tobago

Mount Irvine, Tobago’s most stunning resort enjoys views of the Caribbean Sea and is bordered by lush green sugar and coconut plantations and a golf course.


Bacolet Beach Club, Tobago

Elegance. Luxury. Paradise. Bacolet Beach Club offers superb hotel accommodations with stunning panoramic views of the ocean.


Castara Retreats, Tobago

Eco-tourists this is the place for you! Castara, situated in a fishing village is encircled by Tobago’s rainforest and has a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea.


Villas at Stonehaven, Tobago

Set on a hillside with spectacular ocean views on the west coast of Tobago, The Villas at Stonehaven is one of the finest luxury resorts in the Caribbean.


Height of Being – Tobago

Take your vacation to higher heights at Tobago’s newest gem, The Height of Being. A luxurious villa that offers you all you need for an unforgettable getaway.


Plantation Beach Villas – Tobago

Tobago’s picturesque Stonehaven Bay hosts a spectacular beachfront villa resort, the Plantation Beach Villas. Book the perfect vacation stay today.


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  1. Ronnie I. Marryshow

    I concur with what all that has been said since I speak from my personal experience.
    Tobago is indeed naturally beautiful; simply “out of this world” – it is very distinct from Trinidad although being part of the twin island Republic.
    Tobago is justifiably proud of its pleasant climate, unique and very rich culture. Goat racing is treasured; Tobagonians have no problem leaving horse racing to Trinidad!
    It is an ideal location; any visitor cannot help but notice modernity and history on full display…

    1. Dear Ronnie.

      Thank you for this amazing comment, especially from your own experience. And we could not agree with you more. Tobago is an exceptional Caribbean destination.

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