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 Trinidad is full of energy (both in the form of oil and natural gas) as well as the energy and vitality of its people. Home of calypsosteelpan, an educated and savvy population, with one of the largest carnivals in the world, Trinidad is as cosmopolitan as it is filled with amazing natural attractions, that reflect the South American continent. Trinidad is one of the four best places in the world for bird-watching and tons of unexplored nature. Trinidad is best enjoyed with a local. 

The cultural blend that exists in Trinidad, cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Consider that Trinidad’s culture is a mix of influences from Africa, India, England, Europe, China, Middle East. This mixture is reflected in the music, art, food, festivals, holidays, and the Trini way of life.

Where else in the world can you find a black man singing an Indian bhajan or a Chinese guy with the surname “Singh”? There are Muslim festivals  (Hosay and Eid al Fitr) celebrated by Hindus or Hindu celebrations observed by Christians (Phagwa and Divali). And it’s more than mere celebrations or observances. It’s a way of life that’s all about inclusiveness.


Unique Attributes of Trinidad

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Carnival – The Greatest Show on Earth
Sun, Sand and Sea
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Press Reviews

When you think of Trinidad, chances are your mind will conjure up steelpan bands, or calypso, or Port of Spain’s annual carnival. But beyond these rich musical traditions, overgenerous Nature [can be found] with some of the finest tropical scenery you’ll find anywhere.
I really enjoy the views: There’s a lot of beautiful mountains; we’re blessed with a lot of rain forest; there’s water all around.
Crazy, sexy, dirty:  people from all over the Caribbean flock to Port of Spain, Trinidad, for the unparalleled kickoff to Carnival Monday, when revelers drink, dance and smear each other with colorful clay and paint.

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Trinidad is truly an exceptional place to live, work and play. And for someone who as travelled all over the world, it’s a place I am proud to call home.  Trinidad is a vibrant, party-going, busy and bustling destination. The cultural blend that exists in Trinidad, cannot be found elsewhere in the world. And Trini Carnival is the greatest show on Earth. Definitely worth a trip.

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