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COVID-19 is Breeding FEAR and DIVIDING us Like Never Before

Vaccine Hesitancy has exacerbated FEAR and is DIVIDING our societies like never before.

There continues to be FEAR. Fear among all of us. FEAR on all corners – FEAR of the vaccine that is not sufficiently tested; FEAR of the intentions of the vaccine makers (to make money and more); FEAR of our governments and their capabilities; FEAR for our own health (and the pre-conditions that we inherited from the diet of slavery); and of course, FEAR of the ultimate, DEATH.

And there are huge and growing divisions: between the rich and the poor; the privileged and the not-so-privileged; the healthy and unhealthy; those imbued with hope, plans, desires, dreams and visions, and the hopeless; the confident and the fearful; the believers and the doubters; the literate and the illiterate; the dead, and all of us that are still alive.

Overcoming Fears and Healing Divisions

A great deal of work needs to be done to allay the fears; to bridge these gaps; and heal these growing divisions.

How can we hope to create a workable, even equitable society when people fear that their own governments, international organisations, big businesses, big pharma and Big China are in cahoots to kill us all? After all, the population is too large anyway (so no problem if Covid-19 does some culling); the vaccines are NOT free (as our governments pay for each and every one); Big Pharma wins, dead or alive; the vaccines are not proven and sufficiently tested; Big Pharma takes no responsibility for any ‘side-effects’, even death; a large part of the population (Africans and Black Americans) have been weaned on diets that are unhealthy and that now underly many pre-existing health conditions (which now make the Covid-19 vaccine deadly).

Where are the ACTIONS, information and knowledge that address these fears and deal with these issues head-on?  And, importantly, how do we engender HOPE?

The Big Divide

Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy is exacerbating the already big and growing divide within our societies and communities. Covid-19 is dividing us like never before. 


Source:, 2021

Shall we indicate whether the Non-Vaccinated are on Side A or Side B of this chart above? On which side of the chart would you put the Non-Vaccinated?

The Choice is OURS

Yes, there are deaths and complications from vaccines. No doubt. And Yes, there are lives saved from the vaccine.  And the numbers that live, out-number those that die. It all depends upon the numbers that we CHOOSE to believe.  And we CHOOSE the information that we want to believe. Human beings make choices and then find/read/follow the information that best CONFIRMS their decision. Yes, it is all about CONFIRMATION. It goes like this – there is FEAR of Death; we FEAR that the vaccine could kill us; we convince ourselves that we will live, if we do not take the vaccine; and we find/follow/like information that supports our decision to not to take the vaccine. 

Let Hope be Our Guide

But our confirmations in our decision to NOT take the vaccine can as easily be changed when HOPE and opportunity presents itself at our doorstep. HOPE, ambition, plans, dreams, desires, wishes, expectations, longings are important factors in people’s decisions to become vaccinated – Hope of travel; hope of shopping; hope of visiting friends and relatives; hope of a better life; hope for deliverance.

Our decision to NOT take the vaccine can as easily be changed when HOPE and opportunity presents itself.
For Example, if we are fortunate enough to be offered the job of our dreams and need a VAX to do it, we are happy to change our anti-vax stance; if we are fortunate enough to go to Miami to ‘shop until we drop’ and need the VAX to facilitate it, we get the VAX; if we are lucky enough to afford to travel abroad and need a VAX to travel, we will take the VAX; if we are lucky enough to be fit and healthy and have no ‘underlying conditions’; we happily take the vaccine.

And there are those of us that are hesitant to be vaccinated because we are privileged to have our own homes/houses; live in small communities; can work from home; are fairly isolated from others; are pretty self-sufficient; and probably do not need to travel.
But what about the majority of us that may be front-line workers and cannot work from home and cannot ‘escape’ the virus; or use public transportation; or are over-weight; or have underlying heart and other health conditions; or don’t eat as well; or do not exercise enough; or live shared accommodation; or are not able to tank in as much fresh air; or are not as loved and cared for; or whose immune systems are compromised; or less educated and able?

Engender Trust

It appears that instead of advertising and promoting the vaccine and offering incentives to get vaccinated, Governments, Big Pharma, China, and International Organisations should work on instilling TRUST and engender HOPE among its citizens.

Just as an example, TRUST is not engendered by Governments when they hide the vaccine contracts with Big Pharma from its own people.
Give us the reason to HOPE!

A Paradigm Shift is Needed

The following suggested transformations, or paradigm shifts, are not just solutions for Covid-19 and vaccine hesitancy. They are key for building robust and resilient communities and societies everywhere.


Source:, 2021

Author’s Note: A big ‘Thank You’ to the 25,000+ persons that took the time to read, respond to and share our first Covid-19 blog – Shame, Scandal and Vaccine Hesitancy in the Caribbean. Your insights are valuable.    


Dr. Auliana Poon

Dr. Auliana Poon is the founder and Managing Director of Leve Global and Exceptional Caribbean.

Auliana loves the Caribbean and believes in its people. Her personal mission is to change the world; to transform our societies. And this is precisely why she has spearheaded Exceptional Caribbean – a continuing mission to elevate tourism, trade and lives.

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14 thoughts on “COVID-19 is Breeding FEAR and DIVIDING us Like Never Before”

  1. I sent some questions to the CDC and the minister of health in Jamaica and still haven’t gotten any answer. The CDC sent me back an answer that had nothing to do with my question. I would like to know which variants does these shots protect against? It is stated that they are resistant to treatment.!!! How can one or two shots protect you against any strain that is resistance to treatment?

    1. So according to the chart, now a person can go from “poor” to “wealthy” just because they injected some experimental juice into their body? Only the Vaccinated seem fearful, which comes in opposition of having their savior vaccine running through their blood. “Privileges” of freedom to travel, school, and socializing are BASIC human rights stolen from the people then dangled like a carrot to “earn” back.

      1. Spot on Iesha. I also object to the assumption that the vaccine hesitant are uneducated, fearful, and all the others in Column B. Much the same can be argued for those rushing to get not a 1st shot, but lining up their sons for a 3rd even in the face of mounting evidence the risk outweighs the benefits to males 12-30. It’s criminal to be pushing these on anyone.

      2. Very correct said. All humans are/were born free. Now, you should ” h o p e ” to be free unless you take a vaxx??? What nonesense is this.
        They simply REFUSE to explain the medium and longer term effects of the vaxxes in developping new severe health issues, other than covid, but their only concern is increasing force to vaxx now.


    Thanks Doc for your straight forward article. It brought all points for consideration out in the open.


        What nonsense, an injection that neither protects from infection or transmission, is required 4 times per year and has seen more averse avents in one year than all other proper vaccines, get real.

  3. Natural immunity useless?

    I read to the point where it said that it saved lives. What proof do you have that those individuals that survived would not have done so had they not taken the poison. Thousands have died, millions I’m guessing by now, yet governments continue to push push push. It goes against the Nuremberg code in every way, now here’s the kicker, if this is supposed to be about saving lives then why suppress and demonize already approved drugs that has been proven to work in this pandemic? TAKE IT EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE DEFEATED THE VIRUS AND NOW HAVE A STRONGER IMMUNITY ,,,, FOOLISHNESS.

  4. Dr. Auliana Poon is part and parcel of the hoax. If she knows anything about virology, immunology or these mRNA vaccines , she would be promoting natural immunity. This blog article is smartly written, she first leads the reader with information which is practical, then descends upon the vaccines as the alternative! My dear “doctor” as you are calling yourself, there’s an old saying; “You can fool some of the people, some of the time, you can fool ALL of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.” This whole thing is a hoax, it is a pandemic of FEAR.

  5. It is a pitty that the vax discussion by pro vaxxrs always and only ends with ” it saves lives, so, go and vax.” Not a single word about the main cocern about the side effects causing new health issues other than covid. No word about that. Give natural immunity a chance here to do it’s intendid work.

  6. I am so divided about this vaccine and the word pandemic, firstly the entire world knows about the Covid 19 virus but doesn’t know the origin of the virus, where it came from and how it was develop and why it spread so rapidly that no one seem to have a clear understanding of the potential danger this virus possesses.
    I am fully vaccinated because of work pressure not being able to feed my family if I don’t take the jab. But my stands right now is I am not taking any booster shot until my government enlighten me about the origin of the virus, how the virus was created to their best of knowledge base on international investigations.
    The reason why I am saying this is because the vaccine is still on EMERGENCY USE. So I have already broken my stance on, I am not taking this jab until the vaccine has been approved. In order for the vaccine to be approved there is a time period of approximately 10 year for the vaccine to be deemed safe to the public at large but yet still the international scientists the media and the local governmental agency see it fit to vaccinate the entire public within their respective country.
    I would say, the trial version is continuing but outside of the secluded enclosure of the paid volunteers to test this vaccine
    In closing I wasn’t able to maintain my stance on not taking the jab, but I give cudos to the ones who are TRULY FIGHTING THE FIGHT for proper explanation on why the public must take the jab and not get proper compensation if any thing goes wrong after taking the jab.

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