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Digital Platform to Build Resilient People, Ecosystems and Economies in the Caribbean

Many see the environment as a ‘problem’ to be solved. In fact, the environment is much more. It is an industry with a vast value chain and an endless source of wealth creating opportunities for the youth and women, allowing communities to benefit meaningfully. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund valued the global environment at US $125 Trillion[1] in 2020. That’s how much we have to lose (in economic terms) but it also shows how much we stand to gain in terms of economic opportunities. But these opportunities cannot be realised as the environment is under significant threat.

Consider that the sheer destruction caused to the environment is staggering:

  • It is estimated that there will be 10 billion Humans by 2050 in the world
  • 70% of all Wildlife was destroyed in the 50 years from 1971 to 2021
  • 94% of all Animals on Earth are Livestock
  • 80% of all Forests have been destroyed
  • 80% of all marine life have been destroyed.

All of the Caribbean has a key role to play in the development of the environment. Caribbean people need to see and feel the nexus between the environment and their own personal development and wealth generation.  The environment needs to be real, relatable and personal for all.

With limited knowledge and lack of appreciation of the environment’s contribution to economic development, a comprehensive database to drive environmental awareness, education, training, business and employment opportunities, and foster partnerships and participation is required.

This is why we are developing this one-stop environment platform to provide information on environmental education, training, opportunities, support, and activities so that everyone could get information and get involved.


[1] World Wildlife Fund, Living Planet Report 2020