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Unlock the Secret Charms of the Caribbean: Discover YOUR Dream Island Today!

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Ever dreamt of stepping onto the white sands of a secluded beach, or diving into turquoise waters brimming with vibrant marine life? Perhaps the echo of steelpan music sets your heart aflutter, or the aroma of tantalizing jerk cuisine makes your mouth water? In the Caribbean, you’ll find all of this and so much more.

steelpan music

Imagine wandering through the historic sites of Antigua, diving into Belize’s renowned Great Blue Hole, or joining in the rhythmic dance of Trinidad’s world-famous carnival. Each island, from the tranquillity of Barbuda’s bird sanctuaries to the hustle and bustle of Saint Martin’s bustling markets, tells its own captivating story.

In the Caribbean, romance, adventure, culture, and natural beauty coalesce in a dazzling array of experiences that cater to every kind of traveler. Dive in to our Caribbean destination guide below, find the island that’s singing your song, and let’s embark on a journey to turn your daydreams into sun-soaked reality. The Caribbean’s sun-kissed shores are calling. Are you ready to answer?”

Our comprehensive table below gives you a glimpse into the heart of each Caribbean destination, spotlighting the unique offerings that make each one a captivating world of its own. You might find yourself drawn to the secluded luxury of Anguilla, the gastronomic adventures in Grenada, or the scuba diving nirvana of the Cayman Islands


Distinct Allure



Secluded beaches, luxury resorts, ideal for honeymooners


Stunning beaches, Sailing, Historic sites, ideal for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts



Family-friendly, adventure activities, ideal for family vacations



700 Diverse islands: Diving, fishing, sailing, shopping, casinos, ideal for families, water sports enthusiasts and island life lovers


Beaches, Surfing, nightlife, ideal for young adults and families


Quiet beaches, bird watching, ideal for nature lovers



Mayan ruins, diving, snorkelling, ideal for history buffs and adventure seekers

British Virgin Islands

british virgin islands

Sailing, eco-tourism, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

Scuba diving, luxury shopping, ideal for luxury travelers



Cultural heritage, music, beaches, ideal for culture and nature enthusiasts


Snorkeling, colonial architecture, ideal for divers and history buffs



Hiking, diving, whale-watching, nature reserves, ideal for adventure seekers above and below water

Dominican Republic

All-inclusive resorts, golfing, ideal for resort lovers



Rainforests, waterfalls, chocolate, spices, ideal for foodies, nature lovers and wellness seekers


French culture, beautiful landscapes, ideal for Francophiles and nature enthusiasts



Rainforests, indigenous culture, ideal for eco-travelers and culture enthusiasts


Rich history, arts, ideal for history and art enthusiasts


Reggae music, jerk cuisine, mountains and beaches, ideal for music, nature and adventure lovers


French flair, rum distilleries, ideal for food and drink connoisseurs


Volcanic landscapes, Irish heritage, ideal for off-the-beaten-track explorers



Historic forts, tranquil beaches, ideal for history enthusiasts and beachgoers

Puerto Rico

Vibrant nightlife, historic sites, ideal for night owls and history enthusiasts

Saint Kitts


Plantation tours, scenic railways, ideal for history and nature enthusiasts

Saint Lucia

St Saine Lucia

Romantic scenery, luxury resorts, ideal for tropical weddings, couples and honeymooners

Saint Martin

st saint martin

Bustling markets, French culture, ideal for shoppers and culture enthusiasts

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

St Vincent the grenadines

Sailing, secluded islands, ideal for sailors and solitude seekers

Sint Maarten

st saint martin

Lively beaches, Dutch culture, ideal for beachgoers and culture enthusiasts



Bird watching, quiet beaches, ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and beach lovers


Carnival, culture, cosmopolitan, festivals, steelpan, calypso, soca, bird-watching, nature trails. Ideal for culture and nature explorers

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos

Coral reefs, whale watching, ideal for marine life enthusiasts

U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. history, beautiful beaches, ideal for American history buffs and beach lovers

The Caribbean is a mosaic of experiences, blending romance, adventure, culture, and natural splendor into an intoxicating mix that captivates every traveler. Dive into our destination guide, find the island that whispers to your soul, and let’s chart a course for your own slice of paradise. The melodies of the steel drums are playing, the waves are lapping at the shore, and your Caribbean adventure is waiting to begin!


Dr. Auliana Poon

auliana poon leve image

Dr. Auliana Poon is the founder and Managing Director of Leve Global and Exceptional Caribbean.


Auliana loves the Caribbean and believes in its people. Her personal mission is to change the world; to transform our societies. And this is precisely why she has spearheaded Exceptional Caribbean – a continuing mission to elevate tourism, trade and lives.

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