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Guyana is Caribbean by its location and geo-politics – but this country (not an island) resembles South America – with its enormous rivers, rain and timber-forests, amazing wildlife and natural attractions (such as Kaieteur Falls) and protected areas (e.g. Iwrokrama).  Guyana is full of wood and water and is as rough and rugged as it gets.  Guyana is an ecotourist’s paradise.

Guyana is blessed with extraordinary topography dominated by verdant rainforests and majestic mountain ranges. With rich biodiversity compressed into a relatively small space, Guyana’s mountainous landscapes are perfect havens for an array of wildlife. Guyana is indeed, a paradise for nature lovers and adventurous travellers.

Guyana’s pristine and often remote landscape is home to the indigenous Iwokrama Peoples living at the base of the mountains and in hilltop villages.


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Dinosaurs are gone, but you can still uncover many of the world’s remaining giants in South America’s biodiverse wonderland of Guyana.
“strap on an adventure mindset”
“distinctly off-the-beaten-path”
“the most impressive nature you’ll ever see”
Travellers looking for a sense of seclusion from the outside world should look no further than the remote, uncharted lands of Guyana.

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On your next trip to Guyana, you should not miss a visit to the old historic town of Georgetown. It’s a must!  It is probably one of the few remaining wooden towns (most buildings are wooden) in the world.


Remember that the amazing nature sites in Guyana are ‘out of town’. So plan a few extra days to explore Guyana’s rivers, forests and reserves.

Here are our Top Picks for Accommodations in Guyana

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Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown

Stay at Guyana Marriott Hotel, a luxury, ocean view hotel in Georgetown city, and engage in many attractions to keep you on your feet, or just relax in comfort.


Atta Rainforest Lodge Guyana

Embrace nature by staying in the Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve at Atta Rainforest Lodge Guyana, a chic and eco-friendly vacation stay.


Grand Coastal Hotel Guyana

Vacation at Grand Coastal Hotel Guyana, situated just outside of the country’s capital, Georgetown. Find The Caribbean Soul Restaurant here.


Cara Lodge Hotel Guyana

Stay at Cara Lodge Hotel Guyana to be close to attractions such as the Splashmins Fun Park. Enjoy the hotel’s comfortable rooms, and its restaurant and bar.