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Awaken Your Senses in the Captivating Island of St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a Boutique Destination

Everything about St. Lucia is ‘boutique’.  St Lucia is a small island with amazing natural attractions, including the twin mountain peak ‘Pitons’. The island boasts of a number of small, boutique hotels that are immaculately elegant. Boasting of one of the highest Nobel Prize Winners per capita, this island is well-heeled with truly amazing local people.

Visit the Pitons, located in the village Soufriere.  Spend a Friday night and go to the village fest at Gros Islet in the North or Anse La Ray Seafood Festival on the South West coast.

Try tying the knot, spending your honeymoon. Or take part in the transatlantic race for yachts, the ARC that end up in St. Lucia in November. A great place to start your Caribbean boating journey or even leave your boat at. The Rodney Bay Marina and return later to explore other destinations in the Caribbean.

St. Lucia is a Marriage of Beauty and Mystique

A marriage of beauty and mystique, Saint Lucia is an exceptional Caribbean Island destination that captivates any traveller who sets foot on her exotic shores. St. Lucia is all about nature, tranquil waves, incredible culture, amazing food, and some of the friendliest people on planet Earth.

St. Lucia is in fact the only country named after a woman. The island represents the best of the Caribbean – sun, sand, sea, sensational culture, succulent cuisine, sightseeing, and sustainability. It’s an island that leaves visitors reluctant to leave and eager to return.  And some travellers return for good – to stay longer and to even become a citizen.

There’s Something for Everyone in St. Lucia

Picture yourself lulling off on white sandy beaches of Sugar Beach, and Pigeon Island and over a dozen others.  Soak your aching body and revitalise your mind in the soothing volcanic mud baths of Soufrière. Enjoy the delicious island cuisine. Live like a local by visiting dozens of villages across the island. Enjoy an aerial adventure by ziplining across the verdant rainforests. Indulge your senses in the rich culture and heritage of the island.  

Get your groove on by club-hopping on the Rodney Bay strip. There are tons of. Great restaurants to choose from. Take a drive on the wild side through the St. Lucian countryside. Explore ruins and abandoned plantations or learn to make chocolate. Go scuba diving or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy an underwater kaleidoscope of reef and fish.  Swim in the shadow of the magnificent and foreboding Pitons.

A Dream Destination for Foodies

If you’re looking for delectable bite in a hip environment, then St. Lucia is the place for you. This amazing Caribbean island can be considered a ‘culinary hub’ for foodies and gastronomic enthusiasts looking to try authentic and popular Caribbean dishes.

The restaurants and bars in Saint Lucia also offer a great level hospitality that make you feel right at home. Check out Gros Islet and Rodney Bay for some of the best local food scenes on the island.

Saint Lucia is a Destination for the Whole Family

Saint Lucia is ideal for your dream family vacation. There’s something for mom and dad and the kids too. There are plenty of good, clean family activities in Saint Lucia both on land and at sea. Enjoy the best the island has to offer through the fresh and curious eyes of your young kids. Imagine your baby girl feeling sand between her toes for the first time. Picture you little boy watching a row of large ants climbing a coconut tree. Or watching a whole bunch of bananas on a tree.

Embrace your spouse as you and the whole family enjoy a marvellous sunset just before you’re whisked away to a lovely family meal at your favourite restaurant. So, pack your suitcase, grab your sunblock and prepare yourself for the family adventure you’ve always dreamed of. Fun family memories await you.

And if you are travelling alone or with friends, consider giving you body to Le Sport for a week. They promise to give you your mind back.  Pure spa and wellness indulgence!

St. Lucia Offers Wonders to Wow the World

When you travel to any Caribbean destination, you may typically look for sun, sand and sea. But you can find so much more in St. Lucia. This tiny island, in a league of its own, offers otherworldly natural wonders. Visit St. Lucia’s only designated World Heritage Site – the dangerously beautiful Pitons. These iconic twin mountain peaks rise up 2,500 feet out of the Caribbean Sea like two fangs of some mysterious mammoth of a creature.

Then, at Soufriere, the town poised in between the Pitons, you can experience a warm, bubbly mud bath at the sulphur springs. Wash your worries away, soothe your body, revitalise your soul and cleanse your pores.  Day spas to eat your heart out, as there’s no spa that offers anything quite like this exotic, tropical wellness experience.

A Violent Volcanic Past

In a category all by itself, St. Lucia owes its unmatched natural beauty to its violent volcanic past. Like an act of giving birth, the volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago left rich deposits of minerals in the island’s soil producing verdant and lush vegetation everywhere.

It’s volcanic history also explains the proliferation of bubbling mud pools and sulphur springs. Altogether, the result is a wealth of natural wonders that make for perfect adventures.

A Hikers Wet Dream

Nature never felt so amazing. Enjoy the sensual experience of St. Lucia’s natural environment. Inhale the rich, earthy aroma of the rainforest. Breathe in the fresh pollution-free Caribbean air. Take advantage of this opportunity to appreciate nature like you’ve never done before. Take a tour or roam on your own. Either way you’ll have an adventure of a life time.

Countless adventures await you in St. Lucia. Hike up the Gros Piton. Trek the Eastern Nature Trail along the Atlantic coastline. Take an ATV Tour. Zipline across the rainforest. Experience endless fun at the waterfalls, lazy rivers, and numerous beaches. Go kayaking down the Roseau River. Sign up for Sea Trekking and get up-close with the friendly marine life. The only challenge is that you may not be able to do everything on one trip. No worries returning to St. Lucia will be just as fun as your first visit.

Are You Looking for Romance?

Tie the knot and honeymoon in style in Saint Lucia. Create memories that you will cherished for a lifetime. St. Lucia provides the perfect backdrop for romantic mystique. Amid some of the finest Caribbean destination wedding and honeymoon settings imaginable, your happily-ever-after can truly come true.

Named nine times as the “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” by the World Travel Awards, Saint Lucia is an escape for lovers. Whether it’s a wedding, honeymoon or just a romantic escape your dreams of love can happen in Saint Lucia. You can find luxurious accommodations, boutique villas, beach venues, and so much more that will ensure you’d be able to cherish fond memories of your nuptials.

So Much to Choose from

There are so many other things to do in St. Lucia. Your Caribbean holiday escape could involve lounging by the pool. Curling up in a giant bed in a luxury suite — just you, the waves crashing outside your suite, and the all-inclusive menu. That is, until you get to Saint Lucia. Fresh, clean air and majestic, awe-inspiring scenery will tug at your senses. You may be in your hotel room only long enough to recoup for your next adventure.

Your Saint Lucia adventures will leave you with memories that will have you shouting “More, more, more”. Come experience all the natural wonders Saint Lucia has to offer and let her inspire you.

Here are our Top Picks for Accommodation in St. Lucia

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa – St. Lucia

An adult-only resort featuring a spa, restaurants, a wine cellar and 33 magnificent cottages with breathtaking views over the Caribbean Sea to choose from.


Ladera Resort – St. Lucia

With 37 suites, each suite provides magical views of the island. Experience pure nature, luxury and an eco-adventure at Ladera Resort.


Villa Atlantis – Saint Lucia

Atlantis is a contemporary Caribbean villa set on a hill overlooking the vibrant Caribbean sea. Enjoy Saint Lucia and the most stunning views of the Pitons.



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