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Ryan Holiday: Ego is the Enemy

Here is another great read from Exceptional Caribbean!

Ryan Holiday, in his logically-organised, well-researched and easy-to-read book, draws on Ancient Philosophers, Classical thinkers and unsung Heroes, to bring across his central message to all of us: Ego is the Enemy.

Ego is the Enemy because in every turn in our lives – from Aspiring, to Succeeding to Failure, our own Ego, our enemy, accompanies us every step of the way. 

Our Own ego clouds our vision, makes us delusional, boastful, self-absorbed, weak and fragile.  And it is not that we must ignore ego totally (an impossibility). Rather, Ryan suggests, we need to be aware of our enemy within; to recognise, to call our Ego out; and strive to be more in control of temper, pleasure and pain; to be more disciplined, modest, just, graceful, humble and resilient.

Ryan Holiday suggests that we should be:

Humble in our Aspirations;

Gracious in our Success; and

Resilient in Failure. 

Ryan Holiday encourages us to Do the Right Thing, irrespective of whether our Ego feels left out or is unmassaged; irrespective of whether we are recognised, celebrated or praised.  We need to the right thing in spite of our selves.  In other words, To Thy Own Self be True!

When we are able to recognise that Our Own Ego is Our Own enemy, we can stop blaming others for our predicament.  We can start looking for change and improvement from within.

You will not regret a single moment spent devouring this book.

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Dr. Auliana Poon

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