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101 Ways to Profit from Protecting the Environment

Yes, our environment amazing but is in deep trouble – ocean acidification, sea-level rise, warming oceans, more intense and frequent tropical storms, havoc-wreaking category 5 hurricanes, dwindling species, ploughed oceans and disappearing marine live, are only a few of these troubles.

However, fixing these deep environment troubles provide significant opportunities for growth, development, incomes, wealth and employment-creation as well as sustainability.

Consider that everything that we are, and everything that we do, challenge the environment in a variety of ways. 

The environment is also challenged by everything that we make – from feed, meat, fish and food, to ‘white’ consumer goods (appliances), our transport means cars, buses, aeroplanes, trains, etc.).

Consider that the environment is an industry and an economic sector in its own right, with a considerable value chain.  The value chain of the environment (EVC) is enormous.  Here are just some examples of how you can engage the environment for both profit and protection.

101 Ways for you to Profit from Protecting the Environment 

Here are some amazing and innovative ways that you can profit from saving Planet Earth. Note that some of these are categories that have many sob-components and opportunities that could be further unpackaged. You may own or be a specialist in many of these skills and areas. Applying them to the environment can create tremendous value for you and your communities as well as our environment. Here is a look at some of them.

Content Creation

Here you can create amazing content on the environment including but not limited to:

  1. Photographers
  2. Videographers
  3. Storytellers (bloggers, book authors, reporters and writers, podcasters, poets, playwrights, theatre directors and performers, etc.)
  4. Song writers, singers and Calysponians
  5. Animation and animators
  6. Films directors and producers (films and documentaries)
  7. Performers
  8. Creative Directors
  9. Fashionistas

Mitigation / Prevention & Conservation

Here you can organise yourselves, establish groups, communities and even NGOs raise and create awareness for the purpose of saving Planet Earth:
10. Lobbyists
11. Activists
12. Standards Developers, Implementors and Monitors
13. Evaluators
14. NGOs – social and environmental
15. Members and leaders of Environmental Groups and Communities

Sustainable Art, Crafts and Jewellery

Many people overlook the vast opportunities of using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials and chemicals in art, crafts and design. Here are a few examples:16. Makers of products made from seeds, beans, seashells, stones (e.g. jewellery, art, sculptures)
17. Driftwood artists
18. Designers of Sustainable bags
19. Weave basket producers
20. Fashion designers using sustainable fabrics
21. Artists and designers using sustainable paint, dyes and chemicals

Tambran jewellery is made from recycled materials, natural seeds and is hand-painted. Made in Grenada.

Research & Development

The environment has many opportunities for research and development:
22. Researchers
23. Scientists
24. Labs – Lab Technicians and Operators
25. Impact Assessors
26. Monitors, Assessors & Evaluators
27. Innovators and Inventors
28. Designers & Developers

Agriculture & Farming

Sustainable agriculture and farming is growing around the world. So much so, that sustainable outputs and organic products are selling at a premium. Here are some examples of opportunities in this sector:
29. Organic farming
30. Organic pesticides
31. Organic fertilizers
32. Organic agri-processing & products
33. Farmers’ Markets
34. Fishing
35. Raring of animals and livestock
36. Innovative use of natural ingredients (e.g. coconut products, seed and bean jewellery)


Tourism is largely built on the environment. Accommodation properties all impact the environment. Many sites and attractions are based on the environment such as forests, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, sulphur springs, dive sites and many more:
37. Hotels, villas, lodges and eco-resorts,
38. Tour guiding
39. Sites & Attractions
40. Adventure trails
41. Sustainable design and operations
42. Airlines
43. Transportation providers
44. Restaurants
45. Spas

Recreation and Leisure

The recreation and leisure industry also has several opportunities linked to the environment.
46. Entertainers
47. Dancers
48. Musicians
49. Sound Engineers
50. Lighting engineers
51. Producers
52. Creative Directors

Health & Wellness

The use of sustainable products and environmentally-friendly chemicals are growing in the health and wellness sector. Here are a few examples:
53. Spas
54. Gyms
55. Fitness centres
56. Yoga centres
57. Hospitals & Medical facilities
58. Organic herbs, oils and rubs (e.g. nutmeg, honey)

Education & Training

The opportunities for training and education on the environment are wide and vast from lecturers, curriculum developers and capacity building. Here are few examples:
59. Environmental education at all levels from awareness to specialised, higher education qualifications
60. Curriculum Developers
61. Course Developers
62. University Development, Management & Administration
63. Teachers, trainers, lecturers, professors
64. Course Work Implementors and Supervisors
65. Networks and Alliance developers with Communities, Private Sector and Companies


The sports sector uses the environment football fields, use of pesticides on fields, use of sustainable and organic products, such as protein powders, etc.
66. Athletes
67. Coaches
68. Therapists
69. Spectators
70. Fitness products and supplements
71. Landscaping and grounds maintenance


Trade and export has tremendous impact on the environment and the opportunites are vast. Consider for example, that transportation of goods make significant use of the environment (land, sea, air, rivers, etc.). Here are some environmentally-related opportunities within trade:
72. Transportation (land, sea, river, air)
73. Packaging
74. Environmentally-friendly products
75. Environment-Related Services
76. Farmers
77. Manufacturers

Professional Services

The environmental sector makes use of a wide array of professional services from environmentalists to lawyers to IT providers to accountants and much more:
78. Environmentalists
79. Biologists
80. Land and Marine Planners
81. Environmental Lawyer
82. Sustainable Designers
83. Engineer
84. Architect
85. Information Technology (IT) Specialist
86. Marketing
87. Accounting
88. Landscaping

Legal & Regulatory

Environmental law and regulations is a growing sector as such opportunities are growing as well. Here are a few examples of legal and regulatory opportunities related to the environment:
89. Policy Makers
90. Lawyers
91. Regulators
92. Evaluators
93. Standards Developers
94. Policing

Waste Management

Waste management is a huge environment-related sector and there are many opportunities. Here are a few example:
95. Recycling
96. Repurposing (e.g. reusing sargassum seaweed as fertilisers)
97. Waste Management businesses
98. Waste disposal
99. Commercialisation of waste by-products
100. Environmental management

Processing & Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is becoming more and more environmentally conscious and sustainability is a growing focus.
101. Environmental, Health and Safety Operator
102. Sustainability Processing
103. Environmentally-Friendly Machinery and Equipment
104. Machine operators
105. Inventors and Designers
106. Energy Efficient Management


Dr. Auliana Poon

Dr. Auliana Poon is the founder and Managing Director of Leve Global and Exceptional Caribbean.

Auliana loves the Caribbean and believes in its people. Her personal mission is to change the world; to transform our societies. And this is precisely why she has spearheaded Exceptional Caribbean – a continuing mission to elevate tourism, trade and lives.

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