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You Need to Choose Dominica As Your Dream Wedding Destination

Dominica, floating in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, is one of the best islands to host a unique destination wedding in the Caribbean. Destination weddings in Dominica are breathtaking, as the island has lots of unspoiled natural beauty. You can say “I Do” in a spectacular Dominica destination wedding venue. Then, explore the natural Caribbean landscape at its best, from the natural rainforest vegetation and rugged mountains to cascading waterfalls, bubbling springs, and misty crater lakes.

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Destination Wedding Venues in Dominica

There are several venues for destination weddings in Dominica. Whether you want to host your Dominica wedding indoors or outdoors, you’ll find an incredible spot that will provide a unique backdrop for your ceremony.

Resort Dominica Weddings

Although there aren’t many resorts in Dominica because it’s a young Bahamas Island, you can still host a fantastic resort wedding in Dominica. The Jungle Bay Spa and Resort is one of the few that offers stunning oceanfront Dominica destination wedding venues.

Also, several 5-star hotels and plantation-style cottages have amazing wedding spots with breathtaking views of the spectacular Caribbean Sea and the rainforest’s beautiful foliage.

Outdoor Dominica Wedding

You can have an outdoor picturesque beach wedding anywhere in the Caribbean. But, if you want a unique outdoor wedding, then Dominica has an abundance of outdoor destination wedding venues with breathtaking backdrops you can hardly find anywhere else. There are several rivers where you can host a riverside or on-boat Dominica wedding.

You can exchange your vows under the spray of a rainbow-crested waterfall – Victoria Falls is especially impressive for weddings. Or you can get married at the top of a lush green mountain.

7 Destination Wedding Adventures in Dominica

Destination weddings in Dominica aren’t just about saying ‘I Do’ in front of loved ones. Your wedding party can indulge in various activities that will make your wedding ceremony a memorable event.

1. Romantic Spots For Honeymoon

Dominica offers some of the most fascinating romantic honeymoon spots in the Caribbean. Imagine walking hand-in-hand through lush foliage and discovering the enchanted grotto, Emerald Pool, deep in the natural rainforest of Dominica. Or, viewing the spectacular twin waterfalls of the Trafalgar Falls in each other’s arms. The all-natural, romantic possibilities in Dominica are simply endless.

2. Hiking and Boating

Your wedding party can hike through the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and enjoy the spectacular sight of the mist rising over a small volcanic crater lake, the Boeri Lake. If they’re more adventurous, they can hike through the wilds to the famous Boiling Lake. Otherwise, they can take a beautiful boat ride through the mangroves lining the Indian River shores.

3. Underwater Snorkeling

Your wedding party can go diving in the uncharted coral reefs of Dominica. The famous Champagne Reef, or Soufriere, is a most visit underwater playground for snorkeling. The volcanic bubbles rising from the seabed look like liquid crystals that make it seem like you’re swimming in a giant glass of champagne.

4. Exploring the National Parks & Forest Reserves

Dominica has several national parks and forest reserves where you can explore the plants and animals unique to the oceanic rainforest, as well as some weathered ruins. The notable parks to visit include, the Cabrits National Park, the Northern Forest Reserve and the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

5. Whale or Dolphin Watching

Dominica is one of the few places in the world where you can get a close encounter with whales and dolphins. These magnificent creatures migrate through the offshore waters of Dominica, especially from November to March. If you’re hosting your destination wedding in Dominica around that time, your wedding party can charter a boat to go whale or dolphin watching 

6. Handicraft Shopping

You and the girls can go shopping for handcrafts in the Carib Indian Territory. You can purchase handcrafts, such as bags, hats, baskets, hand-woven rugs and wood carvings, as souvenirs to take back home. You’ll also get to see the remarkable traditional dugout canoes handmade by the original inhabitants of the Caribbean.

7. Explore Dominica’s the Nightlife

Despite being an unpopular island for tourists, Dominica has an exciting nightlife that your wedding party can explore. The most highly recommended is a converted sugar mill called The Warehouse, which offers disco dancing. You can also listen to live jazz at Symes Zee Villa on Thursday, or sing your heart out at Karaoke Night on Friday at the Garraway Hotel.

Requirements To Get Married in Dominica

You need a Special Marriage License to get married in Dominica. To get it, you must submit some required documents alongside your application form to the Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs. The documents include your partner’s and your birth certificate, passport, and a certificate of non-marriage.

Furthermore, the marriage requirements for Dominica do not make the 2-day residency mandatory. You can opt for a no residency application at a higher fee of $EC500, instead of the regular $300. If you intend to get married during the weekend or on a holiday, the application fee is $EC504. To get started, download and complete the Dominica Marriage Application Form Here.

Best Time For Destination Weddings in Dominica

The best time to get married in Dominica is anytime, as the island does not attract as many tourists as the other Caribbean Islands. So, it would feel like you’re hosting your big day on your own personal island. However, the most ideal time for destination weddings in Dominica is during the island’s dry season, between December and April. At this time, the weather is warm, and you can enjoy the sun and have a romantic destination wedding in Dominica.

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Here are our Top Picks for a Wedding in Dominica

Secret Bay – Dominica

Ten (10) stunning and peaceful villas provide a 180-degree view over the mountain peaks of Dominica and the Caribbean Sea. Explore and Enjoy.


Jungle Bay Resort Dominica

Overlooking the Caribbean Sea is Jungle Bay Resort, an ecolodge mere distance away from Boiling Lake in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, and Canefield Airport.



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