Shastri Maharaj

Shastri Maharaj

The Super-Talented and Highly-Creative Artist

Shastri Maharaj

Shastri Maharaj is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s top artists. He’s super talented and has been in the game for many years. Shastri is highly-creative yet refreshingly down-to-earth.


Shastri Maharaj is a teacher, writer, and painter.  He is a practicing artist for more than three decades.


The volume, variety and value of his art pieces are projections of how Shastri sees the world. They are stories of his life experiences presented in colour and canvas. Some of his pieces are very visual responses to personal tragedies in life, like the death of his father. Some of his pieces come with sexual undertones.  Others are statements of Caribbean life –  birth, baptism, ‘liming’ in the village, Carnival, Hinduism, and so much more. But whatever story Shastri Maharaj is portraying on canvas it is bound to captivate you.


Shastri produced more than a dozen one-man exhibitions in Trinidad, Canada, Germany and India. He participated in several mixed art exhibitions in the USA, Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, England, Holland and Suriname.


A Selection of Art on Exhibition at Leve the Event 2017

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