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We create Value through Credible, Authentic, and Curated Content

So that you can find your Exceptional

Find your exceptional through our credible, authentic and curated content on all things exceptional and Caribbean. We are redefining exceptional value so you don’t have to second guess quality and authenticity.


Exceptional Caribbean presents a new opportunity for value creation by implementing new criteria for exceptionalism – and a risk for those who ignore these criteria.


Redefining Value with our Exceptionalism Criteria:

An exceptional individual, product or brand must be recognised. This can be achieved through winning awards, placing top in competitions, peer or customer reviews and accolades or reviews from the press/media. Recognition can be received locally, regionally or internationally.    

Customers are the ultimate definers of exceptionalism. They are calling the shots and they are controlling the power of your brand. Customer ratings, reviews or testimonials will let us know how exceptional you are.

Our exceptionalism criteria dictate that the people, talent and products featured on Exceptional Caribbean must be above reproach; they must be of sound character and high integrity.

Sustainability is at the heart of who we are and it should be the same for you. Protecting people and planet must be just as important, if not more important than profits. Remember it’s not just about making money, it’s also about making a difference.

Exceptional brands and people cannot advance without also elevating people.

Exceptional brands must treat everyone fairly and provide equal opportunities to all regardless of gender, race, religion or any other differences.

Exceptional people and brands listed on Exceptional Caribbean must either originate from the Caribbean or be linked to the Caribbean in some way.

Exceptional brands must be different, unique or special in some way.

The limit to exceptionalism is the imagination. So, a person who is visionary in their approach is well on the path to exceptionalism.

The ability to create new ideas or methods in developing or presenting yourself or your product is a hallmark characteristic of exceptionalism.

Exceptional brands are leaders in their respective fields. People look to them to set the trends.

Stagnation is the death of a business. Exceptionalism can only be achieved through growth and development.

Exceptional brands must have a good level of social engagement (social media follows/likes). This is a good measure of brand awareness.

Trust is key to the success of an exceptional brand. But trust can only be achieved through reliability and consistency.