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Experience Diving and Snorkeling in Tobago

Dive deep into the exquisite beauty of Tobago

Diving in Tobago

Tobago has all the activities available for those looking for the perfect vacation. One of the most popular must-do activities the island offers is scuba diving or snorkeling. Some beaches that offer this experience are Turtle Bay, Arnos Vale Beach, Englishman’s Bay, Pirate’s Bay, Castara Bay, and Store Bay.

Dive and experience marine wildlife and the captivating and pure reefs.

What to Expect

Let Tobago Inspire You


“Our Atlantic side sites had a gentle current so we drifted as a group and saw some really wonderful hard and fan corals of many colours plus large angelfish, toadfish, parrotfish, hogfish, damsels, lobsters, filefish, triggerfish, surgeonfish and a small reef shark and many others in abundance, in what seemed a very healthy ecosystem..” – Duncan Mckenzie.     

“Had a great time diving the pristine reefs and drifting around the wonderful dive sites.” – Helen T.

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The most beautiful you will witness. A clean and healthy underwater ecosystem.