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Castara Bay, Tobago

Fisherman’s Beach

Castara Bay, Tobago

Stunning beach, turquoise water and a sand bottom that slopes off abruptly along the coast, Castara Bay is a sight to behold. A small fishing village on the island’s Leeward side and a vantage point just above offers one of the most spectacular vistas Tobago has to offer. The beach is sheltered by the rainforest with lots of palm and coconut trees, and the clean and warm seas are ideal for snorkeling, particularly off the northern coast. Fishing boats all lined up create a beautiful portrait. The fishermen are always friendly as they bring in their nets to the shore.

What to Expect

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“Very clean, the locals are friendly and welcoming. Convenient minimart on the beach. Great dive sites.” – Imran Gopaul.     

“Beautiful beach with clean beach facilities.” 

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