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Experience Exceptional Birdwatching in Tobago

Open your eyes to the wonders of Tobago’s verdant forests

Birdwatching in Tobago

The beautiful tropical island of Tobago is a sight for sore eyes, home to various exotic birds. View the country’s national bird, the Cocrico, in all its splendor. Book a birdwatching tour guide to see birds up-close and personal, such as Mot Mots, Humming Birds, Parrots, Parakeets, Fregate Birds, Pelicans, Sea gulls, Honey Creepers, Wood Peckers, Blue Jays, Mocking Birds, Jacamars, Ground Doves, Egrets, Herons, Pelicans, Hawks and Banana Quits, and more. Enjoy the day feeding them and photographing their exquisite beauty. 

What to Expect

Let Tobago Inspire You


“I had a fabulous time bird watching in the rain forest and also touring the island. .” – Catherine V.

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The island is an ecosystem full of beauty. Find wildlife in all its glory on this serene island, Tobago.