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Grenada Fund for Conservation Inc. – GRENADA

Grenada Fund for Conservation, Inc. (GFC) is a legally registered non-profit, non-governmental organization which was established in 2008. The GFC is the successor to the Rare Enterprises, Grenada project implemented from October 2005 to December 2008 by Rare, which is based in Arlington, Virginia, with financial support from the US-based MacArthur Foundation.

Grenada Fund for Conservation Inc. was established with the aim of helping to promote and protect Grenada’s environment, respecting the delicate balance that exists between natural resources and human needs by ensuring that people are able to benefit from the conservation of these resources in a sustainable manner. It does this by working in partnership with local, regional and international conservation agencies.

GFC engages in advocacy and lobbying efforts aimed at effecting necessary legislative changes that offer greater protection to endangered national and trans-boundary species and undertakes projects at the school and community level to raise public awareness about the environment.

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