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Sandals Foundation – JAMAICA

The Sandals Foundations is a non-profit organization launched in March 2009 to help Sandals Resorts International continue to make a difference in the lives of our people.
For more than three decades, Sandals Resorts International has been involved in giving back to the local communities in the Islands we call home. The establishment of the Sandals Foundation became a structured approach to making positive change within the areas of Education, Community and Environment. Today, it is a true philanthropic extension of the brand; an arm that spreads the gospel of inspiring hope across every corner of the Caribbean.

The Sandals Foundation is active works include:

• Education
Their mission is to provide both children and adults with the tools they need to cultivate the future. They take on initiatives that promote literacy, contribute to technological advancement in schools, provide mentorship opportunities, develop training for teachers, donate supplies and educational materials and award deserving students.
Projects Include: School Upgrades, School Literacy Programmes, Donations Resources.

• Community
Along with dedicated partners, private donors, civic leaders and local activists, they are creating and endorsing initiatives that uplift, engage and inspire change. They are tackling complex issues such as violence and poverty through education providing opportunities for at-risk youth, granting access to free healthcare and providing employment training.
Projects Include: The School of Business Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurship Training), Youth Engagement, Improving Healthcare, Flanker’s Music Program, Disaster Relief, Women Helping Others Achieve (WHOA).

• Environment
The Sandals Foundation is taking a leadership role in preserving the unique surroundings we love by raising environmental awareness, teaching future generations how to care for their home, developing ground-breaking initiatives and implementing effective conservation practices at all Sandals and Beaches Resorts.
Projects Include: Turtle Conservation, Trees that Feed Barbados, Coral Conservation, Marine Protection, ‘Save our Seas’ programme.

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