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Point-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust – TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Wild Fowl Trust initiates and sustains advocacy, together with other NGOs, to promote linkages and the sustainable utilization of natural assets. This has resulted in the accession to the CITIES convention (1984), the protection of our NATIONAL BIRD THE SCARLET IBIS (1986/87), a two-year hunting moratorium (1986/87:2013/15), the protection of the Port-of-Spain (Mucurapo) wetlands (1989/1990), resulting in the formation of the Council of Presidents of the Environment (COPE).

Wild Fowl Trust Objectives:
• An understanding of the holistic nature of the environment
• An understanding of the effects of human activities on the natural & urban environment.
• An understanding of what the correct, important attitudes, values and positive actions are for the preservation and conservation of the environment.
• An understanding of the LINKS between all ecosystems in the natural environment.
• An understanding of the LINKS between the natural environment and people, agriculture, health & well-being, social & economic problems and solutions.
• An awareness of negative and positive impacts & actions and their effects.
• An understanding & awareness of wise-use of our environmental assets.
• The development of appropriate skills & motivation for effective participation in helping to solve problems.
• The awareness and appreciation of a unique Creative Force.
• The development of a more aware, responsible and caring child and person.

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