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Haiti Survie – HAITI

Haiti Survie, founded in 1993, is an environmental organization based in Haiti and working closely with peasant groups and popular organizations all over the country. Their principal area of activities are in the South, South-East and North-East (border with the Dominican Republic).

Their main national campaign over the past two years has focused on desertification and reforestation, sustainable agriculture, climate change and other issues on Haiti Survie’s agenda: erosion and soil degradation, waste management and awareness campaigns on many issues. The organization joined FoEI in 1996, and takes part in FoEI campaigns on desertification, climate change, TES (Trade, Environment and Sustainability), IFIs, and participates in working groups on GMOs, forest and biodiversity. The group works with other FOEI members from Small Island States on climate change issues to address the impact of climate change and adaptation measures.

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