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Friends of the Earth International Grenada – GRENADA

Friends of the Earth Grenada was founded in 1991 and joined Friends of the Earth International the same year. The organization covers the smallest territory of all FoEI organizations. FoE Grenada has two English-language publications, The Environmentalist for adults and Econews for youth. Our mission is to be the best and most reliable campaigners for the protection and defence of the environment in the state of Grenada, as well as the wider Caribbean area.

FoE Grenada’s main national campaigns concern land use (particularly in relation to tourism), coastal clean-up, sustainable agriculture, local sustainability and good governance, and campaigns against the shipment of nuclear and other toxic waste across the Caribbean. FoEI campaign participation includes climate change, International Financial Institutions (IFI), Trade, Environment and Sustainability (TES), wetlands and sustainable societies. FoE Grenada considers the fight for sustainability and environmental protection to be inseparable from human rights and social justice.

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