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Bahamian Environment Protection (BEP) Foundation – THE BAHAMAS

BEP is a non-governmental, nonprofitable Foundation and is only concerned with the protection of the environment of the Bahamas.

The Bahamian Environment Protection Foundation is dedicated to exploring and conserving nature, underwater and island life throughout the Bahamian archipelago, more especially the Abacos.

BEP Foundation raises private funds to carry out its projects selecting the most convenient organization (see our partners and projects), collaborating with local and international partners in environment’s protection.

BEP Foundation is governed by the three members of the Foundation Board and works with the support of people who freely offer to participate to this fantastic project.

Three main goals:

  1. Inform – Informing and Educating the Bahamian and International public on the uniqueness of the Bahamas life and the treasures of its eco-systems.
  2. Educate – Teach and transmit knowledge to Abaconians that their behaviour towards environment preserves nature for future generation of Bahamian as well as visitors. Preserving Abaco’s fragile environment and working towards a more sustainable future is our goal.
  3. Preserve – reserve and conserve these important, unique and vital resources for future generation of Bahamians and contribute to the Bahamas despite climate change.


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