Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

The CDB is a multilateral financial institution dedicated to the development of the economies of its Borrowing Member Countries. CDB provides assistance to governments, public sector enterprises and non-governmental organizations.

One of the main goals of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is to be the leading catalyst for development resources into the region, working in an efficient, responsive and collaborative manner with other development partners. One of the main functions of the bank is to promote private and public investment and to facilitate business activity and expansion.

Some of their main programmatic areas are:

Special Development Fund

Basic Needs Trust Fund

Community Disaster Risk Reduction Fund

VYBZING: CDB and Youth

See a full list of their programmes here.

The Private Sector Development Unit (PSDU) of the Caribbean Development Bank:

This unit was established with the objective of broadening the scope of development assistance to its BMC’s.

CDB provides financial assistance to private enterprises and financial intermediaries as well as to public sector financial intermediaries which satisfy CDB’s specific investment criteria.

The Private Sector Development Unit of the Caribbean Development Bank’s Capacity Building Programmes provides the following types of financing:

  1. Micro Enterprise Financing
  2. Small Enterprise Financing
  3. Medium Enterprise Financing

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