Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel, Cuba

Autopista Varader, Varadero, Cuba.


Are you looking for a luxurious Caribbean vacation filled with culture, charm, and relaxation? Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel in Havana, Cuba, is the perfect destination. This charming boutique hotel offers exceptional service, indulgent amenities, and beautifully designed rooms that provide the perfect blend of modern comfort and Cuban charm. Whether you’re exploring Havana’s historic streets or lounging in the hotel’s lush garden, Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel is the ultimate Cuban retreat.

Unique Features

Unique Features

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A hidden gem in the heart of Havana, offering luxurious amenities, charming decor, and exceptional service for the ultimate Cuban vacation.

From the beautifully designed rooms to the lush garden, Paseo 206 Boutique Hotel is the perfect destination for those seeking an indulgent Cuban getaway.

Guest Reviews

“Amazing stay at Paseo 206! Staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. The hotel is beautiful and the location is perfect for exploring Havana.” – Expedia.

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The hotel’s charming decor and exceptional service create a tranquil oasis in the heart of Havana. The beautifully designed rooms offer a perfect blend of modern comfort and Cuban charm, and the lush garden provides a serene space to relax and unwind.

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