Mahogany Chocolate

Irresistible taste of gold and brown


It melts as the heat of your body take hold, and the exquisite aromas fire up your olfaction. Naturally born and raised in Belize, Mahogany Chocolates is a sensational experience you cannot deny. The chocolates are made with precise attention to exceptional quality and quantity. 

The cocoa beans are ecologically grown, carefully transformed into an appetizing bar, crafted and delivered to you with love. 

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“Wow this chocolate is so good. If you like dark chocolate you have to try this!” – Amazon.

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Inspired by Belize’s Penini Cocoa bean that is insanely flavourful.

Made from some of the best cocoa in the world to make a healthy and delicious chocolate.

Smooth, creamy, sweet, all you need in a Fine White Chocolate. Try it together with one of the dark chocolates.

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One bite is enough to transport you to heaven. There is a burst of a strong sweet cocoa flavour blended with other flavours that gives it a unique taste.

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