Mount Gay Rum

Three Centuries of  Heritage


It is more than rum, it’s a story and a heritage. Mount Gay Rum is the world’s oldest commercial rum distillery, as their oldest deed dates back to 1703. The “sailing rum” it is called as Mount Gay was a favourite for sailors worldwide. A legacy continues to brew. 

The rum is created uniquely with double distillation. Intense aromatics and flavours are formed and married with a smooth texture and taste, making it one of the best in the Caribbean. 

Mount Gay Rums have been honored with some of the most important awards internationally and  was named “the best rum of the 21st century” by Robb Report’s rank, a leading voice in the global luxury market.

Mount Gay Rums many award-winning brands include:

  • Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask
  • Mount Gay Extra Old Rum
  • Mount Gay XO
  • Mount Gay Refined Eclipse Rum
  • Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum

Mount Gay Rum® is known as “The Rum That Invented Rum”, and it still continues to be one of the best rums in the world.

Unique Features

Press Reviews

The distillery makes some of the best rum in the world. I visited, and I tasted, and I loved it, but you do not have to travel to the islands to experience the best of what Mount Gay has to offer.

The XO Reserve Cask is something I’ve always heard and read good things about, even before I took a deep dive into rum. I can now see why. Amazing. easy to drink, yet has good texture and complexity despite the 43% ABV. $55 for quality and unsweetened rum like this is a steal for me.

Customer Reviews

“An all round crowd pleaser. Reliable and long time favourite!.” – Master of Malt Reviews.

“Distilled in Barbados and with an alcohol strength of 40% you can almost taste the Caribbean sunshine in every tot! A good bottle to keep in your drink cabinet and a very nice tipple on a cold English winter evening..” – Amazon.

Featured Products

Named after the 1910 total solar eclipse that was visible over Barbados. Distilled with a traditional coloumn and double retort pot still.

A reimagined concept of one of Mount Gay’s old classic, created specifically for Barbadians’ love for white rum.

Made with a blend of aromatic rums and matured in Ex- American whiskey casks and finished in Ex-Bourbon Casks.


Mount Gay Rum continues to distinguish itself from the rest in premium quality, accumulating an abundance of international awards over the years. To name a few, Mount Gay Rum have received two Grand Gold awards and two Gold awards at the International Monde Selection Awards.

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With every sip, taste the splendor of the Caribbean Islands, and enjoy a warm  welcome. 

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