Clear as Little Bay Beach.


Transparent and pristine white like the water and sand of Little Bay Beach. BVI GIN is traditionally distilled with a column still and the packaging is carefully handcrafted, creating a superbly organic product. The exceptional and unique flavour emanate eleven varying local botanicals. Truly the British Virgin Islands in a bottle.

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“Worth waiting for.” – Amazon.

“Nothing less than – Hall of Gin fame.” – Master of Malt Reviews.

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Distilled in a bespoke copper column still. Consists of eight botanicals. Best served mixed and chilled.

BVI GIN Hibiscus G&T

Hibiscus flower adds a great depth of flavour to the BVI GIN Tonic. Enjoy with ice on a sandy beach.


BVI GIN earned the title ‘Best in the Americas’ at The Gin  Guide Awards 2019 and 2020. BVI GIN continues to grow as a brand worldwide. 

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The #1 Gin of the Caribbean is worth having. Taste the beauty of the British Virgin Islands with this superbly crafted drink. 

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