Six Saints Rum

The Heart of Grenada.


Six Saints rum known as the “Heart of Grenada” was named after the six saintly parishes of the country. It is a very unique and innovative rum brand, made to stand the test of time. Six Saints provides editions that age an additional six months in varying casks. This adds more depth and quality to the rum and the brand. 

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The slow-building alcohol heat suggests this is an ideal rum to mix in tropical drinks.

Customer Reviews

“Another great Caribbean rum with superb flavours.” – Amazon.

Featured Products

A reflection of the Caribbean. This rum is made with tropical fruits which gives it a Caribbean flavour. 

A limited edition single barrel release. Aged for an additional 6 months in the Pedro Ximenez barrel. 

Another limited edition aged for additional 6 months in the Madeira barrel.

Made with stewed tropical fruits, toasted almonds and a bit of spice, this rum is one-of-a-kind. Get this limited edition before it is sold out!


Six Saints Rum has won Gold in the World Rum Awards and the Spirits Business Awards in 2017, 18, and 19 respectively.

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According to experts, “quality rum can be sipped solo or star in your favorite cocktail.” Six Saints Rum holds true to this statement. 

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