Matusalem Rum

Desde Santiago para Santo Domingo


When life gives you lemons, drink Matusalem rum! Though currently crafted and distilled in the Dominican Republic, this rum was born and initially raised in Cuba. It is enjoyed worldwide for its remarkable quality, especially its smoothness. Matusalem is also home to the World’s First Rose Aged Rum.

You can never go wrong with a little Matusalem Rum!

Unique Features

Press Reviews

An exceptionally smooth rum.

Pleasingly smooth for a white rum.

Complex, yet velvety-smooth with a pronounced bouquet and flavour.

Customer Reviews

“Great rum, subtle and balanced flavour – nice finish and a hint of alcohol burn sensation, making it a delicious drink for the money. Would always have a bottle handy.” – Amazon.

Featured Products

The flagship of Matusalem, born in Cuba and produced in the Dominican Republic.

Explore traces of honey, vanilla and molasses and find a smooth velvety texture and flavour. 

The World’s First Rose Aged rum offers premium quality and well balanced flavours.

Perfect for sipping straight or adding an extra oomph to your favorite cocktails.

A premium aged rum that is triple distilled and double filtered to obtain a crystal clear white rum.

A high-quality rum that captures the flavor of the Caribbean’s islands.


Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 is a recipient of seven awards for its quality and innovation. In 2020, it took home silver for Extra Aged Rum at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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A superior-quality rum range with prominent fragrances and complex flavours that captures the Caribbean. 

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