El Dorado Demerara

Over 300 years of craftsmanship


Desire the best rum in the world? Find it on the shores of a Caribbean island! El Dorado matured rums, smooth and well blended, are uniquely crafted on the banks of Demerara and represent nearly 300 years of Caribbean rum craftsmanship. Today, traditional techniques continue to reign, coupled with advanced modern technology, further enriching the quality and quantity of the products.

El Dorado is on a quest to leave the rum industry with the smallest possible environmental footprint, which includes accepting responsibility for the rum they produce. A bio-methane plant is used to turn liquid waste from the distillation process into energy, which is then utilized to run the distillery. Luxurious and sustainable, this Demerara rum is a must-have! 

El Dorado is known as the finest rum from Demerara. There is no doubt as it is one of the most awarded brands from Guyana. It has achieved the Best Rum trophy honor, countless gold medals and many other internationally recognised achievements. El Dorado rum continues to maintain its superiority. 

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 It’s expressive enough to show off what solid aromas and flavors it has.

One of the best examples of a Demerara rum you are likely to find.

The best rums you need to try right now.

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“A great Demerara rum, you need to try it.” – Rum Ratings Reviews.

“The depth of flavour matches the aging, and they are all superb in their own way.” – Amazon.

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Aged for 25 years acquiring a velvety smooth texture that rivals the best cognacs in the world. 

Awarded on multiple occasions as the “Best Rum in the World.” 

An award-winning premium rum that is adored around the world.

As one of the only rums distilled in wooden stills rather than copper stills, the flavours of oak wood set it apart from the crowd. It’s best enjoyed slowly on its own.

A rich and deep rum aged 8 years in oak barrels. Sip away or enjoy in your favourite cocktail. 

Double filtered to remove all the colour producing a rum perfect for classic cocktails. 

A fiery start gives way to a fruity, caramelized, and toasted coconut palate that fades to a vanilla radiance.


El Dorado is a multi-award-winning brand consistently achieving the highest international honours. El Dorado 3-year-old rum – gold medal at the International Review of Spirits. El Dorado 15-Year-Old, the flagship brand – the only rum ever to have won the title “Best Rum In The World” a record eight times since 1998 at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). The rum has also won the IWSC Gold Medal 12 times from 1998 to 2013. El Dorado 12-Year Old – the ‘Best Rum’ at the inaugural Caribbean Rum Awards, awarded Silver at the 2017 IWSC, achieved the Rum Trophy and Gold Medal Outstanding at the 2015 IWSC and the Gold Medal Outstanding in the 2014 and 2013 IWSC.

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The quality is impeccable, everything from the production to the flavours and aromas. No wonder it’s been one of the most awarded rum brands internationally since 1670.

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