Cockspur Rum

Enjoy an adventure through the tropics!


Awaken your senses in the tropical island of Barbados with a taste of Cockspur Rum. A superb rum made in 1884 by Hanschell & Company. The rums are made with varying column stills to make varying unique blends. The rum range are the best on ice and makes amazing fruity cocktails that are reminiscent of the Caribbean. 

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Transforming fine Rum into a premium Rum takes time, the right climate and a strong base. Thankfully Cockspur Rum hits all of those right out the gate.

Rums that can easily out rank much more expensive offerings.

Subvert the dominant rum paradigms and buy this one.

Customer Reviews

“Definitely my favourite rum! The only one I buy now. With a bit of a burnt molasses taste, which makes it so sophisticated and different from other rums. I drink too much of this… Too much.” – Amazon.

Featured Products

Serve over ice or mix with ginger ale and a slice of lime to create the perfect Cockspur Bajan Mule.

Made with an impeccable blend of rums aged in ex-bourbon casks as well as Spanish oloroso sherry casks.

Experience a tropical island without having to step foot on one. This Rum Punch is a seductive blend of tropical fruit juices which are infused with Cockspur Rum.

A multifaceted and adventurous rum that starts and finishes differently.

Distilled five times to present a transparent and flavourful rum.

Embrace the myths and enjoy an experience that no other rum can give you. 


Cockspur Rum is always a winner. Their flagship, Cockspur Fine Rum, is a gold award-winning rum. Their other expressions have also received multiple honours, especially gold awards.

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The rum expressions are sophisticated and diverse. The flavours are unique and unlike many rums. You can call it a “once in a lifetime experience”. 

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