Siboney Rum

Since 1920


Got Rum? Siboney rum is the ideal rum for those who want to have a glorious sip of the Caribbean. It is distilled with traditional techniques and modern technology. And is aged 80% in American White Oak and the remaining 20% in European White Oak.

The Cochon Calvo family from Spain, settled in Santo Domingo in 1920 starting the first rum production distillery in the city. High quality rum was made, and from these rums, Siboney became the flagship brand. 

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The best rums in the Dominican Republic. A more authentic Dominican rum.

Customer Reviews

“If you like a mild rum with a tasty taste, you won’t be disappointed.” – Amazon.

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A taste of the Dominican Republic with this fruity rum that celebrates the inception of rum production in 1920.

Matured for 24 months in oak casks, and blended with ingredients to make a delightful rum. 

Perfect for mixing. Make a delicious cocktail you have been craving!

Has an attractive Caribbean flavour palate. Contains 35% ABV.


Siboney Rums have received several awards over the years. Some include bronze medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for the Blanco and Dorado rums and a silver medal for the Reserva.

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A rum that meets expectations, with exquisite tastes, inviting bottling and fruity aromas.

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