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Originated in Cuba, but migrated to the Dominican Republic. Opthimus rums, one of the Caribbean’s most highly awarded, is the rum to choose. Opthimus is carefully crafted and aged in oak casks at Oliver and Oliver Distillery, the leading distillery in the Dominican Republic. Special finish rums are aged for six months in barrels that were previously used to age Malt Whisky, Sherry, or Port. After this process, labels are placed on the bottles and indicate which cask the rum was finished in. 

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The best Dominican rums.

Rich and satisfying – the sweetness lingers and fades just in time to pour your next one!

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‘Very well presented and excellent product.” – Amazon.

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The quality is highlighted with the rich mahogany colour, lovely flavours and intense aromas.

Made from a blend of molasses, vanilla, grapes and aged wood to give you an opulent rum.

Aged for 20 years and blended with coconut, orange and coffee to give you that authentic Caribbean flavour.


Opthimus rums standards of exquisite quality, taste and aromas have earned many awards over the past 25 years. Some of the awards include gold medals from one of the most prestigious rum competitions, the RumXP awards.

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Fantastic and delicious rum expressions for rum and single malt whisky connoisseurs. The tastes are lingering and delightful. Some have layers of complexity that open up as you taste it. Others are more balanced. Every sip is distinct and flavorful.

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