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You can’t have any Caribbean savoury dish without a touch of spiciness. Peppers are a staple in nearly every Caribbean household. And Perfect Peppers is taking peppers to higher heights. From simple pepper sauces to more sophisticated gourmet lines, Perfect Peppers is just that, “perfect peppers”.

Perfect Peppers is a brand local to Trinidad and Tobago specializing in Pepper Jellies, Condiments and Flavoured Salts. 

While based in Trinidad and Tobago the products have travelled all over the globe. The Perfect Peppers gourmet line has travelled by suitcase to homes in Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and not to mention Atlanta, Houston, Montana, Miami, Boston, Wisconsin, New York, Toronto and London, to name a few places.

And if you’re looking for a unique and exceptional Caribbean product to give as a gift, then why not consider Perfect Peppers gift sets.

Unique Features

Customer Reviews

“The pepper sauce was rich in flavour and the sorrel pepper jam was not only unique but delicious. Hats off to talented creative entrepreneurs like you all. Well done! I will buy again and again,” – Facebook Reviews.

“”Hot, hot, hot – Perfect Peppers will flavour any gourmet pot believe it or not.” – Facebook Reviews

Featured Products

Pepper Chow

This hot and spicy pepper chow is made of 5 of the spiciest peppers in the Caribbean .

Chow Chow

A Trini Christmas staple, this Chow Chow pairs perfectly with your Christmas Ham. But why stop there, this delicious condiment can be very verasatile.

Pep-paya Pepper Jelly

Pep-paya Pepper Jelly is a hot and tangy pepper jelly, made with preserved papaya.

Sorrel Pepper Jelly

Made from black sorry and local peppers, this is a fusion of hot and sweet you will love to eat.

Pimento Pepper Jelly

A pepper jelly made from Trinidadian pimento peppers.

Mammy Apple Pepper Jelly

Mammy Apple Pepper Jelly uses this sweet and unique fruit combined with Caribbean peppers to make a delicious sweet and savoury spread.

Cherry Peppers

Pickled hot cherry peppers.

Tamarind Salsa

A tangy tamarind salsa.

Fire Salt

Slow roasted Trinidad hot peppers infused in Kosher Salt – Hot & Spicy.

Garlic Pimento Salt

 Roasted Trinidad pimento peppers, garlic and kosher salt.

Bacon Salt

Real Bacon, Slow roasted and added to kosher salt. 

Citrus Salt

Made with the juice and rind of oranges and lemon and lime with kosher salt. 

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